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The True Entity that created and managed Q-Anon

This is a detailed account that gives validity and consistency to previous posts concerning the Tarrant, Christchurch and Mossad affair.

This is the detailed and privileged analysis of the phenomenon known as Q-Anon, and how clever and unscrupulous minds have used what we may define as a psycho-military strategy taking a very well inspiration by a historical novel, written by alleged anonymous Italian Marxists, from which they took the name,  Q – by Luther Blissett.

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Ebrei che negano l’Olocausto

Ebrei che non credono all’Olocausto.
Ne abbiamo segnalato diversi, anche eminenti figure, in alcuni precedenti articoli.
Ora scopriamo che ne esiste un agguerrito gruppo.
Questo ci da speranza per un domani migliore, scevro da criminali bugie che hanno condizionato e stanno ancora condizionando il futuro della nostra razza.

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Breivik: The Secret War of Israel against Norway

When some month ago I began to follow these news about Norway and its movement to boycott Israel I didn’t know that behind all of this :

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This is the true history behind the Napoleon Golden Age , a history hidden and purposely modified by Sinister and Marxist historians who are only able to hide and run away from the brightest of the truth whom here we are going to expose:

The Rothschild Banking Dynasty becomes the richest family business in world

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Zion conquista l’Asia

-Gli ebrei sono un popolo molto razzista, avendo per millenni una dote innata nel mantenere il loro popolo come il “popolo eletto”.

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