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2019 : Our Top Stories

2019 a year that has routed off several entities here and there in the world, in a world created and managed by (((them))), made of rules inherited from lies, made of rewritten historical truths.. because there are unfavorable facts that must be hid by our so-called Elite, a world where the masses are still subjugated by illusions, millennial, secular, decennial.

It follows that to be governed this world does not need truth but only what it is led to perceive as truth , interchangeable, interconnected, false, fake, optional, real holograms.

To you our 2019 Top Stories:

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2019 : Le Nostre Storie Top

2019 un anno che ha sbaragliato diverse entità qui e là nel mondo, in un mondo creato e diretto da (((loro))), fatto di certezze ereditate da fandonie, fatto di verità storiche riscritte. perchè sfavorevoli alle nostre c.d. Elite, un mondo dove le masse sono soggiogate ancora da illusioni, millenarie, secolari, decennali.

Ne consegue che per essere governato questo mondo non ha bisogno di verità ma solo di quello che si è portati a percepire come verità, intercambiabili, interconnesse, fasulle, finte, optional, veri e propri ologrammi.

A Voi le nostre Top Storie, mese per mese.

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Christianity is the White Western Society Cancer

If there’s something that doomed the European Continent more than other that is Christianity.

Christianity a shit invented religion by Roman based on Semite Sandnigger novels from the desert. The Flavians were the very murderers of the Empire.

Roman Empire fell cause of Christianity, our White Modern World is burning cause of Christianity.

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20 Top Storie – 2017

Il 2017 e’ stato sicuramente un Anno Memorabile per il nostro Movimento di Rinascita e di Consapevolezza Storica, Identitaria e Razziale. Ripercorriamo insieme i 20 momenti piu’ topici dell’ anno appena passato con l’augurio che il 2018 segnera’ altre indimenticabili e memorabili hit.

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Vikings – The True and Brief History

The History Channel Vikings TV Series saga is partly inspired by the true history of Scandinavian Vikings (Norway, Sweden and Finland) and Danes. Through many difficulties, I have summarized key points that allow us to understand and grasp the essential parts and characteristics of this compelling story no less than those that actually took place a few centuries before the beginning of the Low Middle Age. All enriched with drawings and graphics of an era lost over time.

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