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Jews Wide Shut II

We do not hate Jews, Kubrick was Jew, praise him, and what follows will prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Hatred must never take the place of Love.

Eyes Wide Shut film promotion by S.Kubrick was focused exclusively on the fact that a married white couple had been chosen as the main protagonist of the film, ignoring the real story, namely the fact that this movie exposes the global Jewish cabal known as the Illuminati.

Julius Evola’s Revolt Against the Modern World

Revolt against the modern world is a must read, a masterpiece in its genre where a new visionary trace comes remarked in History, Progress, Science, Humanism, Nation and Modernity.

Fascism did so bit, or was just a beginning of a new world, Evola didn’t care because he just turned on his attention to various problems like the western decadence, the Sacred, the Transcendence, the Empire.

Evola just launched the basis for a “modern” and extended Culture of Right after the Second War Fall.

Il Cultural Marxismo è il Culto del Disgusto : Le Inglesine Moderne

All’apice della Civiltà molte razze si sono estinte, crogiolandosi nella lussuria, nei vizi, nell’ozio, nella decadenza degenerativa. Non a caso il Regno Britannico e’ sull’orlo dell’ autodistruzione, l’immigrazione massiccia e l’odio verso la propria Identita’ e la dissoluzione di scomode memorie porta proprio a questo…

Ad odiare se stessi.

AltRight is here to stay

Altright is here to stay. Replies to an almost mediocre piece appeared on Forward on 5 July 2018.
Molti sono rimasti scioccati dall'improvviso aumento della Supremazia Bianca dopo la vittoria elettorale a sorpresa di Donald Trump nel 2016.

)))WIKILEAKS 88(((

Wikileaks joined our ranks !


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