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Jews Wide Shut

Non odiamo gli Ebrei, Kubrick era ebreo, sia lodato, e quanto seguirà dimostrerà al di fuori di ogni ragionevole dubbio che l’Odio non deve mai prendere il posto dell’Amore.

La promozione del film Eyes Wide Shut di S.Kubrick è stata focalizzata esclusivamente sul fatto che una coppia bianca sposata era stata scelta come protagonista principale del film, ignorando la storia reale, cioè il fatto che questo film esponeva la cabala globale ebraica conosciuta come gli Illuminati.

The White Privilege

White Privilege, what is it? It is something awful and terrible that the White Race achieved after their millennia conquests? It’s something racist, real, tangible, something about which any white should be ashamed of himself? If you really studied History then you as white have got nothing to be ashamed. If you are a white and you act as a white then you have to be proud of yourself.

A Goddess of Mercy named Renee Bach

Renee Bach, American from Virginia, used to run a charity to help children in Uganda, and a blog to write down her experiences, but her real job was ethnic cleansing, and this in the optic of Margaret Sanger teachings must be appreciated.
She just pulled out from this world as a Spartan any human being not useful to this planet, and to a deadly continent.

Science proves that Whites are the Master Race of this Planet, but its results get censored

There is a Truth that we all know, knowingly or unknowingly.

And this Truth is not racist, if anything then it’s racial realist.

Artificial Intelligence, however, apprehending from us, achieved to know this undeniable truth without filters, without censorship, without hypocrisy, thus A.I. learns this truth from our non-hypocritical thought and proper will to power.


Da Full Metal Jacket al Caso di Byron De La Beckwith

Come suol dire Takeshi Kovacs la verità, “è tutta nei particolari…” ed un particolare in Full Metal Jacket ci fa riscoprire una storia recente “particolarmente priva di particolari“, per cui scrivere ora questi può aiutarci a risolverne il caso.

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