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Attack on the Family Unit of Western Society

Decadence is defined as ‘the act or process of falling into an inferior condition or state‘, ‘moral degeneration or decay‘, or ‘unrestrained or excessive self-indulgence‘. It is often attributed as one of the reasons why empires fall, the classic example being the Roman Empire. One thing I have noticed of late, is that our society (at least, Western society) is in a severe state of decadence. Decadence doesn’t just mean a state of decay/decline, but suggests that such decline is from the highest point of evolution for whatever is decaying.

AltRight – Il vero Nazionalismo Americano

ARTICOLO ORIGINALE.di Benjamin Garland, traduz.e piccole modifiche di Flint_McLeane.

Per coloro che pensano che l’Alt-Right sia l’unico vero rappresentante del nazionalismo americano, qui la mia sfida:

Schopenhauer hated Jews

Arthur Schopenhauer On Jews:

Moreover it asserts its nationality with unprecedented obstinacy and, mindful of Abraham who dwelt in Canaan as a stranger but who gradually became master of the whole land, as his God had promised him (Genesis 17:8),

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