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Jamal Khashoggi, and Usama Bin Laden

There was a time when the Mujahedeen fought the Soviets in Afghanistan, siding young Yemenis among their ranks, now buried under the rubble caused by the incessant bombing of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and young Arabs from the latter country. Young reporters like Jamal Khashoggi, killed, dismembered and dissolved in acid a year ago at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Jamal Khashoggi e Usama Bin Laden

Ci fu un tempo in cui i Mujahedeen combattevano i Sovietici in Afghanistan schierando tra le proprie file giovani yemeniti , oggi sepolti dalle macerie provocate dai bombardamenti incessanti del Regno d’Arabia Saudita, e giovani arabi provenienti proprio da quest’ultimo paese, giovani reporter come Jamal Khashoggi, ucciso, smembrato e sciolto nell’acido un anno fa all’interno del Consolato Saudita ad Instabul, Turchia.

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La Complicità del Gruppo Rothschild-De Benedetti nello Sterminio Yemenita

Quando il villaggio di Deir Al-Hajari nello Yemen nord-occidentale fu bombardato dai Sauditi l’8 Ottobre 2016 morì una famiglia di sei persone, tra cui una madre incinta e quattro figli.
In seguito a quell’attacco aereo sono stati trovate diciture tra le carcasse metalliche dei missili, e si scopre quei missili sono stati venduti ai Sauditi dalla RWM Italia S.p.A., filiale italiana della Rheinmetall. Italiani, tedeschi del nuovo millennio, o traducendo, Renzi e Merkel, oh e i Sauditi, sicuramente.

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Immanuel Kant hated Jews

German Idealists. One of their common denominator is a deep hate and despise for the Jew.

Immanuel Kant, one of the greatest among these philosophers, said:

The Jews are by Nature sharp dealers who are bound together by superstition. Their immoral and vile behavior in commerce shows that they don’t aspire to civic virtue, for the spirit of usury holds sway amongst them. They are a Nation of swindlers who benefit only from deceiving their host’s culture.

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Why Anne Frank’s Diary Is A Hoax

Translated from original, modified, enriched by Valkyrie1488

Any historical event should be accepted to be analyzed following stories or events. Evidence, files such as photographs, maps, documents, certificates, but above all according to the logic and historical data context in which any event took place. When people face a “continuous” series of illogicality, inconsistencies and paradoxes, what is being analyzed loses and falls from historicity and only remains a mere obstinacy, celebrating facts never happened as “happened”, hence assuming exclusively contours of staging, and hoaxing things that may get same respect conferred to as a Dogma, this is the case of the Anne Frank’s Diary, an incredibly false historical book.

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