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Be Careful to trust in Historical Authors When their Political View belongs to Degenerate Commies

Now I will show you the moral integrity and Intellectual honesty of these individuals who claim the right to write about History , muddying the real facts out there, deforming history for Marxist political purposes, applying censorship and insulting who dares to object their weirdo theories.

RedBad : War against the Censorship as War against the Forced Christianity

Zog Facebook demands that Redbad trailer must be removed. If this is not free censorship on our real history I don’t know how else to call it.

Sweden’s Minister of Culture

This is Alice Bah Kuhnke, Sweden’s Minister of Culture who ordered the destruction of ancient Nordic artifacts. By allowing these non whites to key roles in European Government you have this, destruction of our Memory, Identity and Historical Heritage.
Deal with it.

Vikings – The True and Brief History

The History Channel Vikings TV Series saga is partly inspired by the true history of Scandinavian Vikings (Norway, Sweden and Finland) and Danes. Through many difficulties, I have summarized key points that allow us to understand and grasp the essential parts and characteristics of this compelling story no less than those that actually took place a few centuries before the beginning of the Low Middle Age. All enriched with drawings and graphics of an era lost over time.

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