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Dove esattamente si trova il Paziente Zero ?

Indaghiamo sull’Origine del Virus per capire qualcosa in più.

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Bettino Craxi : Il Più Grande Politico Socialista Italiano

Nel Dopoguerra tutti i leader mondiali che hanno osato opporsi all’Imperialismo di ZOG sono stati uccisi o messi sotto processo.
Bettino Craxi, uno dei più grandi leader che l’Italia abbia mai avuto è stato messo in croce per queste ragioni.
Esaminiamo quelle determinanti.

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Jamal Khashoggi e Usama Bin Laden

Ci fu un tempo in cui i Mujahedeen combattevano i Sovietici in Afghanistan schierando tra le proprie file giovani yemeniti , oggi sepolti dalle macerie provocate dai bombardamenti incessanti del Regno d’Arabia Saudita, e giovani arabi provenienti proprio da quest’ultimo paese, giovani reporter come Jamal Khashoggi, ucciso, smembrato e sciolto nell’acido un anno fa all’interno del Consolato Saudita ad Instabul, Turchia.

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The True Entity that created and managed Q-Anon

This is a detailed account that gives validity and consistency to previous posts concerning the Tarrant, Christchurch and Mossad affair.

This is the detailed and privileged analysis of the phenomenon known as Q-Anon, and how clever and unscrupulous minds have used what we may define as a psycho-military strategy taking a very well inspiration by a historical novel, written by alleged anonymous Italian Marxists, from which they took the name,  Q – by Luther Blissett.

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Supporting Cops Is The Same As Supporting Organized Crime

A profession. A chosen profession, in which these police are constantly breaking the law. The citizens are not trampling on these pigs rights, but it certainly is the other way around. Now, one must fully understand The Trading With The Enemy Act of 1933. The United States Corporation can do whatever it wants to its property (we are property).

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