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Supporting Cops Is The Same As Supporting Organized Crime

A profession. A chosen profession, in which these police are constantly breaking the law. The citizens are not trampling on these pigs rights, but it certainly is the other way around. Now, one must fully understand The Trading With The Enemy Act of 1933. The United States Corporation can do whatever it wants to its property (we are property).

I’ve a Dream, Blaxit

Non sto confondendo Martin Luther King con Malcom X, ma quest’ultimo aveva proprio un sogno:
Far tornare la sua gente in Africa e costruire una societa’ evoluta e civilizzata, al pari di quella Bianca Occidentale, di neri.
Quel sogno , oggi, pare si stia realizzando anche se lentamente.
Siamo fieri dei nostri amici neri, della consapevolezza che hanno raggiunto e del loro coraggio nell’affrontare questa sfida senza pari nel tempo.

United States of ZOG

Few months ago..

Somewhere in an American Football Stadium…


Bernard Julius Otto Kuehn was a sleeper agent for Nazi Germany with ties to Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. In 1935 Kuehn got hired by Japanese intelligence in Hawaii, thus he moved to Honolulu in that same year. His daughter, Susie Ruth has been told as the mistress of Minister Goebbels.

Impero : Sigaro

-Il 26 febbraio 2012 il quotidiano danese Berlingske pubblica un inquietante articolo che narra…

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