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Gustl and Stephanie

August (“Gustl”) Kubizek (3 August 1888 – 23 October 1956) was a close friend from youth and contemporary of Adolf Hitler. He collected the memories of this sincere and long friendship in his book The Young Hitler I Knew, published in 1955.

Libya and Gheddafi

While you lie to each other lies and give them credit, the Truth remains unchanged: the Arab Spring was nothing but an immense operation by which the Jews destabilized North Africa in order to allow the invasion of Europe by opening the gates to immense hordes of Sub Saharan African invaders.

Aafia Siddiqui

Aafia Siddiqui e’ una neuroscienziata pakistana che ha anche studiato al MIT , arrestata ed imprigionata nel 2010 con l’ accusa di tentato omicidio di personale degli Stati Uniti. Attualmente sta scontando una sentenza di 86 anni presso la struttura carceraria federale a Carswell, Fort Worth, Texas. Il suo caso e’ uno dei piu’ grandi misteri inserito in altri misteri nella guerra segreta tra le forze occidentali e quelle medio orientali.

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