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The Jewish Messiah Is The Anti-Christ

The Black Idol, 1903, Vienna, by Frantisek Kupka

We are taught, that for all of time, it is the Jews that were persecuted and the white men are evil. Why do people blindly believe this narrative, especially when history shows that the Jews were expelled from all of the lands after their heinous and unnecessary “crimes” that are their literal prophecy. White Americans and Americans in general have a tendency to completely disregard the information and agendas that are told to them by the actual sources of this disgusting and grotesque race that consider themselves as “God’s people”. They refuse all knowledge and information on the ACTIVE war against the White race. Jews have been waging a war on White America ever since its first wave of immigration to America from Eastern Europe and Russia since 1880. It is not only America that faces this battle, it is ALL White countries, the ENTIRE White race.

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Jewdi : La Storia della Lotta di Razze in Star Wars

Star Wars , un’ epica saga creata da George Lucas , in una lontana Galassia …umana….

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Kali Yuga Era

-Savitri Devi Mukherji, pseudonimo di Maximiani Portas (Lione, 30 settembre 1905 – Sible Hedingham, 22 ottobre 1982) è stata una scrittrice greca, agente dell’intelligence nazista in India durante la seconda guerra mondiale. Sarebbe diventata una delle personalità più influenti in Europa relativamente all’ecologia ed ai diritti degli animali del tardo ventesimo secolo, ed una guida dell’underground nazista durante gli anni sessanta.

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