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Clash of the Titans : Aryans Versus Semites

Freudian psychology may be well considered another Jewish ideological assault on our civilization during the last century, as Marxism has been.
These creepy Jewish Doctrines continue to spread their devastating effects nowadays, despite being widely discredited as good politics and as effective science over human dominion.

Your Second Home…

Khazars were the convertors who constitute nowadays the Jews Ashkenazis. They are different than the Arab Jewish, or Semites, the people from Khazar Tribe were never lost and their tribe wasn’t even a Jewish tribe although Jew Ashkenazis call them the 13th tribe just to insinuate that they descend and are of a concrete Semite origin…

The Volk

National Socialist movement, If wasn’t brought to a halt, would certainly inspire the rest of the world to follow its example.

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