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Negro and Black

Can the word negro be used to refer to individuals of color? The answer is yes.
It is not prohibited by law, it is a scientific term and used for centuries. But are there any differences? According to some judges, yes. According to the politically correct Marxists yes. In our opinion the difference exists but it is absolutely not the one advocated by the Cultural Marxism.

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A Fraud named Greta Thunberg

Greta a poor puppet , a thread among others over bloated , charged and thrown against the logic and the common sense of decency, because mortifying the Science is their dirty and corrupted idea of Progress, honoring the Science is instead the Socialism Vanguard, a sharp and bright Future.

Yell to Thunberg Child…: “Back to School!” because We are going to “take her to School“.

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Fort Alexander

Fort Alexander I, o fortezza delle peste, eì una fortezza su un’isola artificiale nel Golfo vicino a San Pietroburgo e Kronstadt. Tra il 1899 e il 1917, il forte era adibito a laboratorio di ricerca sulla peste e altre malattie batteriche.

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