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After all, Jamal Khashoggi was not Paul Allen

Why did the Saudis hurt Jamal Khashoggi?
Why did they brutally dismember and murder the reporter?                                    
Who is Paul Allen?

2017 Las Vegas Shooting: A Coup d’Etat by Assassinating Prince Mohammad Bin Salman

Some news gives evidence that the Las Vegas Sniper, Stephen Paddock, was actually framed, instead of the real sniper, the wrong dude used at the right time.

La Complicità del Gruppo Rothschild-De Benedetti nello Sterminio Yemenita

Quando il villaggio di Deir Al-Hajari nello Yemen nord-occidentale fu bombardato dai Sauditi l’8 Ottobre 2016 morì una famiglia di sei persone, tra cui una madre incinta e quattro figli.
In seguito a quell’attacco aereo sono stati trovate diciture tra le carcasse metalliche dei missili, e si scopre quei missili sono stati venduti ai Sauditi dalla RWM Italia S.p.A., filiale italiana della Rheinmetall. Italiani, tedeschi del nuovo millennio, o traducendo, Renzi e Merkel, oh e i Sauditi, sicuramente.

Is This Why They Tell Us The Kikes Are Not The Problem? [Updated]

80% of the American people support Israel. Americans that are deemed “easily maneuverable”. BiBi, in a confidential video taken in 90s , unaware to be filmed on camera, clearly telling of his plans for a war with the Arabs, how no one will say he is trying to “conquer” again and bragging about how he can manipulate The U.S. whichever way he wants. Makes his statements with such confidence that no one will get in their way. He even replies and converses on about this in front of a child. It’s just the beginning…

May God Kill the Usurper Dynasty at the Throne in U.K.

There’s something of wrong in the U.K. Monarchy regarding their deals with Saudi, with muslims.

Islamophobia is a codename for “Protecting the deals with Islamic Scumbags”

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