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Richard Spencer intervistato da Russia Insider

Le opinioni di Richard Spencer sulla Russia: un’intervista esclusiva con il leader della Destra Alternativa Americana o Alt-Right.


After the Holodomor that reduced them to famine and death … The Ukrainians welcomed their Liberators

Foreboding Conspiracy

Thomas Barrack, obviously first from left, he pushed Manafort to Donald Trump’s election campaign (who is now in prison). Why did Thomas Barrack receive $ 45,000,000 in Malaysian state funds stolen through the 1MDB-PetroSaudi?

Nat Rothschild, the Man Who rules this Planet

A widely known topic and an article I’ve covered before on the Rothschild and Napoleon, and much information related to this family branches. However, let’s take another look.
This “special” Rothschild, out of any previous scheme known over this long dynasty: Meet Nat Rothschild.

The false flags and the fake news kill


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