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After the Holodomor that reduced them to famine and death … The Ukrainians welcomed their Liberators


The Bizarre Story of Kristallnacht by Ingrid Weckert

“Crystal Night” is the name that’s been given to the night of 9-10 November 1938. In almost all large German cities and some smaller ones that night, store windows of Jewish shops were broken, Jewish houses and apartments were destroyed, and synagogues were demolished and set on fire. Many Jews were arrested, some were beaten, and some were even killed. The “Reich Crystal Night” (Reichskristallnacht) was one of the most shameful events of National Socialist Germany.


Lunedì al tribunale regionale di Linz ad una donna di 41 anni è stata concessa una pena sospensiva di 12 mesi per “Riattivazione NazionalSocialista”.

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