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Crown Takeover

I watched this year’s wedding on TV. As a nationalist and European I wanted to see to what extent the white man, the real, today, would have been humiliated.
And in the end I observed the end of England as we studied it at school.

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May God Kill the Usurper Dynasty at the Throne in U.K.

There’s something of wrong in the U.K. Monarchy regarding their deals with Saudi, with muslims.

Islamophobia is a codename for “Protecting the deals with Islamic Scumbags”

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Blackamoor’s Elegance

Se c’e’ una cosa che adoro dell’Aristocrazia e’ l’eleganza che questa rappresenta quando nutre l’Identita’ e la Storia di un popolo e la Principessa del Kent, moglie di Michael , cugino della sovrana, nel suo arrivo a Buckingham Palace, in occasione del pranzo prenatalizio offerto dai sovrani, ha sfoggiato perfettamente e magnificamente quest’eleganza, e non oso dire ma affermo serenamente anche la sua bellezza oltre ogni immaginabile classe.

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Your Second Home…

Khazars were the convertors who constitute nowadays the Jews Ashkenazis. They are different than the Arab Jewish, or Semites, the people from Khazar Tribe were never lost and their tribe wasn’t even a Jewish tribe although Jew Ashkenazis call them the 13th tribe just to insinuate that they descend and are of a concrete Semite origin…

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