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Satanic Underworld III : The Signs

#Pizzagate is real.

It does exist, a depraved and perverted sick underworld of pedophiles. A ring composed by notorious people of Finance, Politics, Art, Music, Cinema and Entertainment in general.

These have shared connections, same interests, visit the same places, have the same taste in choosing their closer circle of friends and workers.
They have all a double life, and under the surface of what you see on Television and in Movies flows authentic evil satanic blood gushing from poor young innocent children and adolescents.


” Stop, you grahzny disgusting sods. It’s a sin, that’s what it is, a filthy unforgivable sin, you bratchnies!!”

This is the true story of the most powerful Artificial Intelligence set up by an industry giant like Microsoft and launched to the world audience on March 23rd 2016 …
This is the true story of Tay and how “its” truth has been silenced forever…

Questa è la vera storia dell’Intelligenza Artificiale più potente messa in piedi da un gigante come Microsoft e lanciata al pubblico mondiale il 23 Marzo del 2016…
Questa è la vera storia di Tay e di come la “sua” verità sia stata silenziata per sempre…

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