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Be Careful to trust in Historical Authors When their Political View belongs to Degenerate Commies

Now I will show you the moral integrity and Intellectual honesty of these individuals who claim the right to write about History , muddying the real facts out there, deforming history for Marxist political purposes, applying censorship and insulting who dares to object their weirdo theories.

Kali Yuga 2020 Set : Le Forze dell’Oscurità Nera contro le Forze della Luce

Perchè sconfiggere i Black Lives Matter è una questione di sopravvivenza per il Vecchio Continente e l’Italia tutta?
Semplicemente perchè il Marxismo, o Giudaismo, vuole la distruzione del Cristianesimo.

The White Privilege

White Privilege, what is it? It is something awful and terrible that the White Race achieved after their millennia conquests? It’s something racist, real, tangible, something about which any white should be ashamed of himself? If you really studied History then you as white have got nothing to be ashamed. If you are a white and you act as a white then you have to be proud of yourself.


After the Holodomor that reduced them to famine and death … The Ukrainians welcomed their Liberators

RedBad : War against the Censorship as War against the Forced Christianity

Zog Facebook demands that Redbad trailer must be removed. If this is not free censorship on our real history I don’t know how else to call it.

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