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Fire of Prometheus will disintegrate those who fight for the Extinction of Life

In the dusty and yellowed books of creation that came to us from the dawns of antiquity, written by men living in a world dominated by tribalism and magic, the creation of life starts from machinations without any scientific and/or logical confirmation as how we try to explain nowadays.

Nothing is true so everything is permissible.

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Earth and its Natural Nuclear Reactions Two Billion Years Ago

Struggling to provide unfiltered information from (((Mainstream Media))), we have already written about how we support, and we strongly support it, anything positive on Nuclear Energy.

Nuclear Energy is clean energy, green, economic, but especially it’s very important because it produces isotopes used in various type of treatments to fight cancer forms.


Most of people are scared of Radioactivity, this is due to the vulgar information level of worldwide press, but…

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Maschere… le indossate tutta la vita facendo finta di non indossarle, allora non dovreste scandalizzarvi ora per questo.

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Negentropy (AFI: [nɛˈgɛntrəpi], abbreviation of negative entropy, “negative entropy”), negative entropy, or syntropy, is a concept that contains in itself the asymptomatic, prescient and physical representation of states or events, including human and social events, effectively opposing the natural tendency towards disorder, that is, entropy.

Therefore Negentropy is a negative entropy which modifies a system from disorder state to an ordered state.

#AltRight is negentropy: We here from Future .

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