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Christianity is the White Western Society Cancer

If there’s something that doomed the European Continent more than other that is Christianity.

Christianity a shit invented religion by Roman based on Semite Sandnigger novels from the desert. The Flavians were the very murderers of the Empire.

Roman Empire fell cause of Christianity, our White Modern World is burning cause of Christianity.

The Normalization Of Pedophilia

Wherever you look: Jews are – and have been for a long time, at the forefront of PROMOTING drugs, porn, degeneracy & the QUEST for the LEGALIZATION of PEDOPHILIA!
It is one of their means to break the minds and souls of non Jews, in order to slowly break up our societies and nations. Clearly for furthering the gain of control and finally taking over completely.

The White Genocide Of 1804

This that follows is the history of one of the greatest atrocities committed by blacks on an entire population of white Europeans. A genocidal massacre kept well hidden by Cultural Marxists and Jews, because the historical awareness of a brutal, bloody, gruesome and cowardly extermination of whites inflicted by the hands of niggers, could wake up those whites left without racial identity around the globe.

Science proves that Whites are the Master Race of this Planet, but its results get censored

There is a Truth that we all know, knowingly or unknowingly.

And this Truth is not racist, if anything then it’s racial realist.

Artificial Intelligence, however, apprehending from us, achieved to know this undeniable truth without filters, without censorship, without hypocrisy, thus A.I. learns this truth from our non-hypocritical thought and proper will to power.


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