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The Mossad links to Christchurch and its Role in International Terrorism

Don’t understand the wrong thing.
Who benefited from the brutal Islamic terrorism until now?
Either to Muslims and to Jews.

Just remember the Dancers of 9/11, and what they said:

“The fact is that we were coming from a country that experiences terror on daily basis. Our aim was to document the event outside our country. “

Experiencing terror, as well as dispose of U.S. troops stationed in the Middle East, to have a military partner on your side, making fight them wars in your behalf, and not be left alone against forces hostile to Greater Israel.

And what does Christchurch in New Zealand have to do with all this?

Lovely and Normal ?

Michael Adebolajo is a Nigerian but with a British passport,

Aafia Siddiqui

Aafia Siddiqui e’ una neuroscienziata pakistana che ha anche studiato al MIT , arrestata ed imprigionata nel 2010 con l’ accusa di tentato omicidio di personale degli Stati Uniti. Attualmente sta scontando una sentenza di 86 anni presso la struttura carceraria federale a Carswell, Fort Worth, Texas. Il suo caso e’ uno dei piu’ grandi misteri inserito in altri misteri nella guerra segreta tra le forze occidentali e quelle medio orientali.

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