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Dante Alighieri, his Judeophobia as a Bulwark of Western Culture

From Shakespeare to Dante Alighieri, the Judaophobia of the past remains immortal. Hatred for Semitism is the Hatred of Pagan Culture itself against the advent of the One God, Arabs or Jews they remained unwanted and unwelcome for centuries. Today, after winning the war, the minds of millions of individuals who paradoxically owe their existence to their ancestors, like Dante, like Shakespeare, Luther, and all the other writers, philosophers and thinkers whose culture can define itself the basis of the Modern West . Someone considers it an inconvenience and wants to get rid of all of them, including Dante ..

Zionist’s Campaign to infiltrate Wikipedia

State sponsored pro Zionist Israeli propaganda & rewritten history on Wikipedia via the Israeli CAMERA Program:

Jews Wide Shut

Non odiamo gli Ebrei, Kubrick era ebreo, sia lodato, e quanto seguirà dimostrerà al di fuori di ogni ragionevole dubbio che l’Odio non deve mai prendere il posto dell’Amore.

La promozione del film Eyes Wide Shut di S.Kubrick è stata focalizzata esclusivamente sul fatto che una coppia bianca sposata era stata scelta come protagonista principale del film, ignorando la storia reale, cioè il fatto che questo film esponeva la cabala globale ebraica conosciuta come gli Illuminati.

The Jews who were Integral and Active Part in Fascist Italy

After writing about the Jews and Jewish Half-Bloods in their high ranks of the Third Reich, now is the time to talk about the Honorary Jews and the Jews in the high ranks of Fascist Italy.

The True Entity that created and managed Q-Anon

This is a detailed account that gives validity and consistency to previous posts concerning the Tarrant, Christchurch and Mossad affair.

This is the detailed and privileged analysis of the phenomenon known as Q-Anon, and how clever and unscrupulous minds have used what we may define as a psycho-military strategy taking a very well inspiration by a historical novel, written by alleged anonymous Italian Marxists, from which they took the name,  Q – by Luther Blissett.

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