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Internet, Artificial Intelligence and Black Holes

The artificial intelligence that is currently feeding on our data has an internal neuronal network kept alive by quantum computers.

But the quantum-based computer as computing power is something totally revolutionary as it does not base its calculations only on the common known physical laws of cause and effect but also on those of time and space.

Just like in the Junghian Synchronicity….

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Il Super Computer Z3

Il primo computer digitale elettromeccanico programmabile completamente automatico al mondo fu il tedesco Z3 o V3 di Konrad Zuse.
E fu il primo elaboratore o computer a supportare una guerra transoceanica su scala planetaria.
Il primo computer con una base primordiale di I.A. , Turing completo, come HAL9000 o il WOPR di Wargame, fu NatSoc, o NazionalSocialista.

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