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The Patterns of the Force

I found a fragmented, divided planet, so I took lessons from the history of the Earth to save it.

The Force has its patterns and I am part of it.

Gli Schemi della Forza

Ho trovato un pianeta frammentato, diviso, così ho preso lezione dalla Storia della Terra per salvarlo.

La Forza ha i suoi schemi e Io ne faccio parte.

Martin Luther’s : On the Jews and Their Lies

On the Jews and their lies (in German: Von den Jüden und iren Lügen; in modern spelling Von den Juden and ihren Lügen) is an anti-Jewish treaty written in 1543 by the leader of the Protestant Reformation, the German Martin Luther.

Hitler’s Little Treasure: Bernile

Bernhardine Nienau was born on April 20, 1926 in Dortmund, but was immediately nicknamed Bernile. In the spring of 1933 it was in the front rows of visitors to the Obersalzberg and captured Hitler’s attention. From a simple contact between a leader and a child, a “friendship” was born that lasted until a few years before that this child no longer lived on this planet. In the Federal Archives in Berlin at least 17 letters of this girl are kept and at least those that were written at an early age were presumably written with the help of her mother.

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