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Dream Cars – Le Macchine del Futuro

Il Futuro dovrebbe essere solo un passato reso migliore…

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Negentropy (AFI: [nɛˈgɛntrəpi], abbreviation of negative entropy, “negative entropy”), negative entropy, or syntropy, is a concept that contains in itself the asymptomatic, prescient and physical representation of states or events, including human and social events, effectively opposing the natural tendency towards disorder, that is, entropy.

Therefore Negentropy is a negative entropy which modifies a system from disorder state to an ordered state.

#AltRight is negentropy: We here from Future .

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I Bambini dell’Uomo

Le Donne che vogliono paragonarsi agli Uomini hanno combattuto per i loro “presunti” diritti: hanno avuto uguale dignita’ di voto come gli uomini e sono andate avanti.. molto avanti o oltre.. sin da allora…

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The Decay of Western Civilization

Helmuth Nyborg in the essay “The decay of Western civilization: Double relaxed Darwinian Selection” concluded that: “Westerners will soon be a minority in Europe, and the average QI will go down so much that prosperity, democracy and civilization will be only a distant memory.

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