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Sir Arthur Clarke: A Supremacist and predicted the end of South Africa after Apartheid

Could Arthur Clarke, one of the most representative Sci-Fi Writer of XX century, be linked to White Genocide in South Africa by reading in his most known trilogy some of his riveting predictions about Earth?

Benigni un Aborto della Natura è considerato un Qualcuno…

Un aborto della natura, uno spregevole bugiardo ignorantone dusgustoso, ecco chi è Benigni.

Erano anni che dovevo scrivere questo pezzo ma non saprei spiegare perche’ alla fine lo abbia fatto solo ora.
Benigni, il fangoso de La Vita e’ Bella, l’Ignorantone miliardario grazie ai produttori cinematografici Ebrei… adesso e’ finalmente esposto alla nostra Retaliation.

Scoprite chi e’ realmente questo cialtrone bigotto da Oscar.

Apt Pupil

UPDATE: https://dailystormer.red/jewish-x-men-director-bryan-singer-sued-for-man-rape-of-17-year-old-spic/
I already wrote about this pedophile, degenerate, and perverted person named Bryan Singer. His mission in the life was and is apparently making look bad Nazi while he can rape kids. This is (((Hollywood))) where all is permissible to Jews and only to them.

The House of Rothschild

I think without of any doubt that this is not only the greatest biographic movie made by Boris Karloff but also the greatest movie produced, and directed in the 30’s.

L’Industria Ebraica del Tabacco

The first doctors and scientists who discovered a link between smoking and lung cancer were the Germans, this led to the development of various anti-tobacco movements throughout Europe in the early twentieth century, but only one government did its best in the first real and strong campaign and in the first laws introduced in Europe against the use of tobacco: the National Socialist Government, NSDAP.

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