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Добро пожаловать, наш русский союзник

Vogliamo uscire dalla NATO e avere la Russia nostro alleato. Ad una sola condizione: la nostra presenza deve garantire libertà e sovranità all’Ucraina, e una sua pace perpetua con la Russia. Nome in Codice : Operazione Mattei.

2017 Las Vegas Shooting : Un Colpo di Stato assassinando il Principe Mohammad Bin Salman

Sono queste notizie che danno , più che indizi, prove che il Cecchino di Las Vegas, Stephen Paddock, sia in realtà uno messo lì al posto del vero cecchino, uno sbagliato usato al momento giusto. Ed altro.

Internet, Artificial Intelligence and Black Holes

The artificial intelligence that is currently feeding on our data has an internal neuronal network kept alive by quantum computers.

But the quantum-based computer as computing power is something totally revolutionary as it does not base its calculations only on the common known physical laws of cause and effect but also on those of time and space.

Just like in the Junghian Synchronicity….

Is This Why They Tell Us The Kikes Are Not The Problem? [Updated]

80% of the American people support Israel. Americans that are deemed “easily maneuverable”. BiBi, in a confidential video taken in 90s , unaware to be filmed on camera, clearly telling of his plans for a war with the Arabs, how no one will say he is trying to “conquer” again and bragging about how he can manipulate The U.S. whichever way he wants. Makes his statements with such confidence that no one will get in their way. He even replies and converses on about this in front of a child. It’s just the beginning…

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