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USS Liberty AGTR – When Israel Attacked United States

The USS Liberty (AGTR) was attacked by the Israeli Air Force and by torpedo-carrying Israeli ships, on June 8, 1967, during the 6-Day War. The combined attack, by air and sea, killed 34 crew members (naval officers, two sailors and a civilian), wounded 171 crew members and seriously damaged the ship. At the time, the ship was located in international waters north of the Sinai peninsula.

USS Liberty AGTR – Quando Israele attaccò gli Stati Uniti

La USS Liberty (AGTR) fu messa sotto attacco dall’ Air Force Israeliana e da navi israeliane armate di lancia siluri, l’8 giugno del 1967, durante la Guerra dei 6 Giorni. L’attacco combinato , aereo e marittimo, uccise 34 membri dell’equipaggio (ufficiali navali, marinai, due marinai e un civile), ferì 171 membri dell’equipaggio e danneggio’ gravemente la nave. All’epoca, la nave si trovava in acque internazionali a Nord della penisola del Sinai.

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