Help Whites in South Africa

Please help White People , our people, in South Africa.

Immigration Priority to South African Farmers facing Systematic Land Confiscations and Murder.
Created by M.O. on February 28, 2018

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I’ve a Dream, Blaxit

Non sto confondendo Martin Luther King con Malcom X, ma quest’ultimo aveva proprio un sogno:

Far tornare la sua gente in Africa e costruire una societa’ evoluta e civilizzata, al pari di quella Bianca Occidentale, di neri.

Quel sogno , oggi, pare si stia realizzando anche se lentamente.

Siamo fieri dei nostri amici neri, della consapevolezza che hanno raggiunto e del loro coraggio nell’affrontare questa sfida senza pari nel tempo.

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Black Nationalism

Oh well, well It could look as I and my friends would be very against black colored people, but it’s not like this. I got in past some black friend and they are ok when civilized. The fact is , remains and persists that we don’t want mix with them and they should not think different than this. Indeed, we respect much those blacks who invoke Black Nationalism, to make great their own homeland.

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