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Se quei soldati avessero saputo come sarebbe diventata oggi l’Europa non avrebbero avanzato un solo centimetro su quella maledetta spiaggia…

In questo triste anniversario del 6 Giugno quando i fratelli bianchi uccisero per conto dell’Alta Finanza Ebraica e Massone di Wall Street i loro fratelli bianchi celebreremo l’adorazione della nostra speranza, Fare di Nuovo Grande l’America:

The House of Rothschild

I think without of any doubt that this is not only the greatest biographic movie made by Boris Karloff but also the greatest movie produced, and directed in the 30’s.

Judea declared War

“We being Jews ourselves are astonished and disgusted with this propaganda against Germany, being based on absolutely untrue statements. The news of cruelties, murdering of Jews, men and women, etc., are perfect lies from beginning to end.

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