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Wuhan : Olocausto Cinese, I Pazienti Affetti da CoronaVirus Bruciati Vivi nei Forni

Wow. Per la serie : Continuate a fare affari con la sporca Dittatura Comunista Cinese.

LuandaLeaks: The Infamous Epic tales of the Dos Santos: Malta, DeGrisogono, Van Oord

I believe we were among the few, or the absolute first, to write doubts and question  De Grisogono , but also among the few to argue that the idea that the white man is the one and only to take advantage of the wealth in Africa is something totally insane.

Casaleggio Associati = Massoni teme che Rousseau sia smascherato come la Vera Natura della Democrazia, cioè Truffa

Come non è stata archiviata una denuncia di due soldi come questa? Se non per Massoneria?

Rousseau è non solo un’ovvia distorsione della Democrazia ma è anche una falsa piattaforma dove il risultato ottenuto non proviene solo dal popolo ignorante ma dalla vera Volontà della Direzione, cioè la Casaleggio Associati, cioè Massoni.

Why We changed Our Mind on Tulsi Gabbard

We can’t deny what I wrote, Tulsi Gabbard has connections with the Jews. And she would be fake because of this. But Tulsi Gabbard stands for the withdrawal of US troops in the Middle East, the election of Tulsi Gabbard for #POTUS, President of the United States, would be the right revenge against Trump, and against his whore daughter. And I don’t think we have many or just few alternatives if not once again to believe in wide-ranging political promises.

And about the Tulsi’s connection with the Jews? Well who doesn’t have any? Back at 2005 I found myself among them..

2019 : Our Top Stories

2019 a year that has routed off several entities here and there in the world, in a world created and managed by (((them))), made of rules inherited from lies, made of rewritten historical truths.. because there are unfavorable facts that must be hid by our so-called Elite, a world where the masses are still subjugated by illusions, millennial, secular, decennial.

It follows that to be governed this world does not need truth but only what it is led to perceive as truth , interchangeable, interconnected, false, fake, optional, real holograms.

To you our 2019 Top Stories:

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