Genie Energy – A Connection to 9 11 2001 and Beyond

Probably many of you never heard of Genie Energy Ltd. until today but it’s significant to discover who are the people that created and manage this Energy Company because they are somehow connected to a new world order built in the fog smoke that surrounded us at the beginning of the twenty-first century

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Terrore Antisemita: Condannato Ebreo Israeliano

La Super Intelligenza Hacker viene adesso definita Malattia Mentale. Il Fenomeno del Terrorismo , ebraico e musulmano, adesso ridimensionato a malattia mentale.

Il Mondo Accademico plaude al riconoscimento delle Corti di Giustizia Mondiali.

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The Jewish Handshaking Solo

Many will remember this:

It was a sort of Flux Diagram made by Yair Netanyahu, son of Benjamin, the Israeli Premier. It’s a meme that represents a chain of master puppets, including Lizards, Masons, and other Jews, all managed by one Jew: George Soros. This tweet, and meme, after deleted by Yair caused a big wave of scandal among Jews and a big wave of appreciation among Non Jews Nationalists, including us. But what has it to do with Luigi Di Maio, the neo Italian Minister of M5Stelle Political Party?

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