Rivers of Blood – 20 Aprile 1968

Questo è il testo completo del discorso di “Rivers of Blood” di Enoch Powell, che è stato pronunciato a una riunione dell’Associazione conservatrice a Birmingham il 20 aprile 1968.


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Foreboding Conspiracy

Thomas Barrack, obviously first from left, he pushed Manafort to Donald Trump’s election campaign (who is now in prison). Why did Thomas Barrack receive $ 45,000,000 in Malaysian state funds stolen through the 1MDB-PetroSaudi?

di Jamie Carenza,  Alnytak,  F.McLeane

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The Jewish Handshaking Solo

Many will remember this:

It was a sort of Flux Diagram made by Yair Netanyahu, son of Benjamin, the Israeli Premier. It’s a meme that represents a chain of master puppets, including Lizards, Masons, and other Jews, all managed by one Jew: George Soros. This tweet, and meme, after deleted by Yair caused a big wave of scandal among Jews and a big wave of appreciation among Non Jews Nationalists, including us. But what has it to do with Luigi Di Maio, the neo Italian Minister of M5Stelle Political Party?

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