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Julius Evola’s Revolt Against the Modern World

Revolt against the modern world is a must read, a masterpiece in its genre where a new visionary trace comes remarked in History, Progress, Science, Humanism, Nation and Modernity.

Fascism did so bit, or was just a beginning of a new world, Evola didn’t care because he just turned on his attention to various problems like the western decadence, the Sacred, the Transcendence, the Empire.

Evola just launched the basis for a “modern” and extended Culture of Right after the Second War Fall.

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Christianity is the White Western Society Cancer

If there’s something that doomed the European Continent more than other that is Christianity.

Christianity a shit invented religion by Roman based on Semite Sandnigger novels from the desert. The Flavians were the very murderers of the Empire.

Roman Empire fell cause of Christianity, our White Modern World is burning cause of Christianity.

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A Goddess of Mercy named Renee Bach

Renee Bach, American from Virginia, used to run a charity to help children in Uganda, and a blog to write down her experiences, but her real job was ethnic cleansing, and this in the optic of Margaret Sanger teachings must be appreciated.
She just pulled out from this world as a Spartan any human being not useful to this planet, and to a deadly continent.

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Donne nella Supremazia Bianca : Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger fu una pioniera dei diritti delle donne nel mondo moderno.
Dedicò la sua vita al controllo delle nascite, all’eugenetica, ed al ruolo delle donne nelle SocietĂ  dei Bianchi promuovendo la creazione di Etnostati guidati da una razza superiore, indovinate quale..
Questo e altro fu Margaret Sanger.

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Hitler’s Little Treasure: Bernile

Bernhardine Nienau was born on April 20, 1926 in Dortmund, but was immediately nicknamed Bernile. In the spring of 1933 it was in the front rows of visitors to the Obersalzberg and captured Hitler’s attention. From a simple contact between a leader and a child, a “friendship” was born that lasted until a few years before that this child no longer lived on this planet. In the Federal Archives in Berlin at least 17 letters of this girl are kept and at least those that were written at an early age were presumably written with the help of her mother.

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