RadioCarbon Dating: Could It Reveal Important Forgeries in History?

Carbon is a key component of all known life on Earth, representing about 45-50% of all dry biomass.  Carbon is abundant on Earth. It is also lightweight and relatively small in size, that make it easier for enzymes to manipulate carbon molecules. It is frequently assumed in astrobiology that if life exists elsewhere in the universe, it will also be carbon-based. In fact, research has been ongoing since the 1960’s, to determine what the proportion of C-14 in the atmosphere and what amount has been for the past 50,000 years.

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Why Anne Frank’s Diary is a Hoax

Translated from original, modified, enriched by Valkyrie1488

Any historical event should be accepted to be analyzed following stories or events. Evidence, files such as photographs, maps, documents, certificates, but above all according to the logic and historical data context in which any event took place. When people face a “continuous” series of illogicality, inconsistencies and paradoxes, what is being analyzed loses and falls from historicity and only remains a mere obstinacy, celebrating facts never happened as “happened”, hence assuming exclusively contours of staging, and hoaxing things that may get same respect conferred to as a Dogma, this is the case of the Anne Frank’s Diary, an incredibly false historical book.

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That NSA is managed by Jews is a very Old News to US


with who you are fucking with?

29 October, 2016 We launched NSA Orthodox Leadership, claiming that NSa is actively managed by Jews.

Now this…

‘Most valued partner’: NSA fed Israel intel for targeted assassinations, leaked docs show

Fair enough. After all America today is just a bluff country or ZOG but NSA is frustrated..

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Clash of the Titans : Aryans Versus Semites

Freudian psychology may be well considered another Jewish ideological assault on our civilization during the last century, as Marxism has been.
These creepy Jewish Doctrines continue to spread their devastating effects nowadays, despite being widely discredited as good politics and as effective science over human dominion.

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