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Why We changed Our Mind on Tulsi Gabbard

We can’t deny what I wrote, Tulsi Gabbard has connections with the Jews. And she would be fake because of this. But Tulsi Gabbard stands for the withdrawal of US troops in the Middle East, the election of Tulsi Gabbard for #POTUS, President of the United States, would be the right revenge against Trump, and against his whore daughter. And I don’t think we have many or just few alternatives if not once again to believe in wide-ranging political promises.

And about the Tulsi’s connection with the Jews? Well who doesn’t have any? Back at 2005 I found myself among them..

Perchè abbiamo cambiato Idea su Tulsi Gabbard

Non possiamo negare quello che ho scritto, Tulsi Gabbard ha connessioni con gli Ebrei. E sarebbe fake per questo. Ma Tulsi Gabbard è per il ritiro delle Truppe Statunitensi in Medio Oriente, l’elezione di Tulsi Gabbard a #POTUS, Presidente degli Stati Uniti, sarebbe la giusta vendetta contro Trump, e quella mignotta della figlia. E non credo abbiamo molte alternative se non ancora una volta credere a promesse politiche ad ampio spettro.

E sulle connessioni degli Ebrei con Tulsi, bene chi non ne ha? Nel 2005 anche Io mi trovai in mezzo a loro..

2019 : Our Top Stories

2019 a year that has routed off several entities here and there in the world, in a world created and managed by (((them))), made of rules inherited from lies, made of rewritten historical truths.. because there are unfavorable facts that must be hid by our so-called Elite, a world where the masses are still subjugated by illusions, millennial, secular, decennial.

It follows that to be governed this world does not need truth but only what it is led to perceive as truth , interchangeable, interconnected, false, fake, optional, real holograms.

To you our 2019 Top Stories:

Jamal Khashoggi, and Usama Bin Laden

There was a time when the Mujahedeen fought the Soviets in Afghanistan, siding young Yemenis among their ranks, now buried under the rubble caused by the incessant bombing of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and young Arabs from the latter country. Young reporters like Jamal Khashoggi, killed, dismembered and dissolved in acid a year ago at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

Dopo tutto Jamal Khashoggi non era Paul Allen

Perchè i Sauditi hanno maciullato Jamal Khashoggi?
Perchè hanno fatto di quel giornalista semita un hamburger strozzato fuso con panna acida? Chi è Paul Allen?

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