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Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a British TV series produced by Endemol. Each episode is disconnected from the others, as are the characters, always different for each episode. The only common thread that unites this series is the relationship between technology and society, the massive use of social media, smartphones, the Internet, or transhumanist technologies still not completely invented today, but potentially available in the near future.

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A Goddess of Mercy named Renee Bach

Renee Bach, American from Virginia, used to run a charity to help children in Uganda, and a blog to write down her experiences, but her real job was ethnic cleansing, and this in the optic of Margaret Sanger teachings must be appreciated.
She just pulled out from this world as a Spartan any human being not useful to this planet, and to a deadly continent.

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Top Gun Maverick : Ricordate Charlie, Kelly McGillis?

Rimaniamo ancora sull’argomento Top Gun perch√® salta fuori un’altra cosa che non ti aspetti..almeno non subito.

Ricordate Kelly McGillis? Se si allora non ricordatela come è adesso.

Il destino della donna non dovrebbe variare nell’Era Moderna, e la donna non dovrebbe avere dubbi, tranne se a lei piace ingannare se stessa.

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Supporting U.S. Cops Is The Same As Supporting Organized Crime

A profession. A chosen profession, in which these police are constantly breaking the law. The citizens are not trampling on these pigs rights, but it certainly is the other way around. Now, one must fully understand The Trading With The Enemy Act of 1933. The United States Corporation can do whatever it wants to its property (we are property).

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Clash of the Titans : Aryans Versus Semites

Freudian psychology may be well considered another Jewish ideological assault on our civilization during the last century, as Marxism has been.
These creepy Jewish Doctrines continue to spread their devastating effects nowadays, despite being widely discredited as good politics and as effective science over human dominion.

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