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Satanic Underworld III : The Signs

#Pizzagate is real.

It does exist, a depraved and perverted sick underworld of pedophiles. A ring composed by notorious people of Finance, Politics, Art, Music, Cinema and Entertainment in general.

These have shared connections, same interests, visit the same places, have the same taste in choosing their closer circle of friends and workers.
They have all a double life, and under the surface of what you see on Television and in Movies flows authentic evil satanic blood gushing from poor young innocent children and adolescents.

What are really the Minneapolis Riots? Not Justice

No. United States are basically indistinguishable from Somalia now.

La Nuova Alba del Wotansvolk

Da qualche giorno siamo tornati online.
E’ dura per siti come il nostro rimanere a galla ed offrire il lato oscuro delle informazioni che nessuno vi ha mai raccontato, o quelle blindate con la censura.
Credo di aver avuto modo di riflettere nel tempo che è passato.
E una nuova linea editoriale pervaderà questo sito.

LuandaLeaks: The Infamous Epic tales of the Dos Santos: Malta, DeGrisogono, Van Oord

I believe we were among the few, or the absolute first, to write doubts and question  De Grisogono , but also among the few to argue that the idea that the white man is the one and only to take advantage of the wealth in Africa is something totally insane.

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