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The Patterns of the Force

I found a fragmented, divided planet, so I took lessons from the history of the Earth to save it.

The Force has its patterns and I am part of it.

Gli Schemi della Forza

Ho trovato un pianeta frammentato, diviso, così ho preso lezione dalla Storia della Terra per salvarlo.

La Forza ha i suoi schemi e Io ne faccio parte.

2019 : Our Top Stories

2019 a year that has routed off several entities here and there in the world, in a world created and managed by (((them))), made of rules inherited from lies, made of rewritten historical truths.. because there are unfavorable facts that must be hid by our so-called Elite, a world where the masses are still subjugated by illusions, millennial, secular, decennial.

It follows that to be governed this world does not need truth but only what it is led to perceive as truth , interchangeable, interconnected, false, fake, optional, real holograms.

To you our 2019 Top Stories:

Jews Wide Shut II

We do not hate Jews, Kubrick was Jew, praise him, and what follows will prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Hatred must never take the place of Love.

Eyes Wide Shut film promotion by S.Kubrick was focused exclusively on the fact that a married white couple had been chosen as the main protagonist of the film, ignoring the real story, namely the fact that this movie exposes the global Jewish cabal known as the Illuminati.

Jews Wide Shut

Non odiamo gli Ebrei, Kubrick era ebreo, sia lodato, e quanto seguirà dimostrerà al di fuori di ogni ragionevole dubbio che l’Odio non deve mai prendere il posto dell’Amore.

La promozione del film Eyes Wide Shut di S.Kubrick è stata focalizzata esclusivamente sul fatto che una coppia bianca sposata era stata scelta come protagonista principale del film, ignorando la storia reale, cioè il fatto che questo film esponeva la cabala globale ebraica conosciuta come gli Illuminati.

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