Author: Valkyrie

The Patterns of the Force

I found a fragmented, divided planet, so I took lessons from the history of the Earth to save it.

The Force has its patterns and I am part of it.

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Dante Alighieri, his Judeophobia as a Bulwark of Western Culture

From Shakespeare to Dante Alighieri, the Judaophobia of the past remains immortal. Hatred for Semitism is the Hatred of Pagan Culture itself against the advent of the One God, Arabs or Jews they remained unwanted and unwelcome for centuries. Today, after winning the war, the minds of millions of individuals who paradoxically owe their existence to their ancestors, like Dante, like Shakespeare, Luther, and all the other writers, philosophers and thinkers whose culture can define itself the basis of the Modern West . Someone considers it an inconvenience and wants to get rid of all of them, including Dante ..

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LuandaLeaks: The Infamous Epic tales of the Dos Santos: Malta, DeGrisogono, Van Oord

I believe we were among the few, or the absolute first, to write doubts and question  De Grisogono , but also among the few to argue that the idea that the white man is the one and only to take advantage of the wealth in Africa is something totally insane.

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Zionist’s Campaign to infiltrate Wikipedia

State sponsored pro Zionist Israeli propaganda & rewritten history on Wikipedia via the Israeli CAMERA Program:

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