Resulted in:

I say, why to block me? What I said of so heavily dangerous to your work and person?

That the book is full of invented situations, artificial opinions presumed moods, constructed dialogues, evanescent impressions of the protagonists and of the recurring cast in this that is just a gross fairy tale of presumed intrigues and racism unveiled inside a famous Monarchic court?

Or even if it wasn’t for my personal opinion expressed on what whoever can read through the psycho-lines of that piece of paper then it was because I told that Omid Scobie is a trans?

Oh really? Did he get really offended by what all the United Kingdom good lounges know once this Omid Scobie jumped out from a forked tongue to another?

Hence did he block me because I told that his book is full of shit or because I revealed that he is a trans? Or both?