Now I will show you the moral integrity and Intellectual honesty of these individuals who claim the right to write about History , muddying the real facts out there, deforming history for Marxist political purposes, applying censorship and insulting who dares to object their weirdo theories.

I followed these 3 people always with education and putting likes to their tweets where Old Norse World was celebrated with proper manner, but when I tried to open a dialogue with these people these have been their short and quick answers to my doubts :

Blocked just for this criticism.

Hence you see their hypocrisy , you see sharp and clear through the fog of their moral integrity and Intellectual honesty who is granting them the divine right to tell historical facts without objections and comparisons to what’s happening in this mad modern world.

This is who they are.

Pathetic people who are pretending to teach History to kids and people by applying censorship and insulting whoever tries to revert their mind in order to make stay away bloody Marxist Revision of Historical facts and truth.

How much time will take for these imposters to transform Vikings in Pussies?

Oh Fuck… it’s already happening…