I believe we were among the few, or the absolute first, to write doubts and question  De Grisogono , but also among the few to argue that the idea that the white man is the one and only to take advantage of the wealth in Africa is something totally insane.

Many believe us to be “heinous racists”,  “cruel Nazis”, or “scum”, but in reality we are much more of an ally for blacks and Jews than their peers could be. The inhuman treatment of the so-called survivors of the Holocaust was relaunched and denounced by us, just as the African continent was praised for its wealth and its inhabitants were encouraged to make it advance in civilization. We have nothing to reproach ourselves or be reprimanded. Unlike our bitter enemies, we feel empathy for all the weak and defenseless beings on this planet, the same cannot be said of the former.

The #LuandaLeaks prove beyond all reasonable doubt all of this and beyond.

Few people I know that would like to move to Angola. It is one of the few truly rich, and potentially growing, sub-Saharan nations.

However, this growth is held back by reprehensible beings, beings whose skin color shows that evil has no race .

The story of this vile cunt, Isabel Dos Santos , proves it in full.

In just two decades, this whore has signed unscrupulous agreements that have made her the richest woman in Africa and in fact, this cunt has never been truly African or Angolan, and it is always this whore who left Angola , a nation rich in oil and diamonds, as one of the poorest countries on Earth.

The slut has a network of over 400 companies and branches in 41 countries, headed by her or her husband, Sindika Dokolo, including 94 in secret jurisdictions such as Malta, Mauritius and Hong Kong.

It is obvious that by having a corporate army of this type, the whore made sure to evade taxes wherever it was possible, and thanks to her father, she managed to steal the public’s money for millions and millions of dollars.

Among its most significant companies is undoubtedly the gigantic state-owned oil company of Angola, the Sonangol Group. Arriving at the top of the company thanks to her father, the Dictator of Angola, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos , certainly not for her merits as a black slut, as when, wearing her black blazer at the London Business School, she declared some great occasions that leaders should be chosen on their merits to the public. What a bitch .

However, the Luanda-Leaks arrive, a new investigation by an international consortium of investigative journalists and 36 media partners, ICIJ, which exposes two decades of shamless agreements that have made this slut the richest woman in Africa, while Angola is still suffocating in poverty .

The Luanda-leaks are based on as many as 715,000 confidential financial and commercial documents and hundreds of interviews , nailing the responsibilities, (currently still evaded) the thieves, kleptocrats rulers, and their families, and show that public money has been used for private business and that this was then transferred to the offshore secrecy of other jurisdictions, often with the help of major western companies. From there, the money was then used to purchase property, businesses and other valuable assets, or was simply hidden, safe from tax authorities and criminal investigators.

Here’s how poverty, war and immigration are created . Corruption, public money not used to build roads, schools or hospitals, but used for private purposes.

In the past decade, Dos Santos’ companies have obtained consultancy jobs, loans, public works contracts and licenses worth billions of dollars from the Angolan government. The public contracts awarded by the dictator father regime to the whore daughter’s companies have been inflated by over $ 1 billion. This is how state financial resources are looted.

And then there is no lack of cases of inhuman violence perpetrated for the sole purpose of making profits, such as when thousands of families were forcibly evicted from their homes in Luanda as they resided in a land that was part of a redevelopment project that involved a company belonging to dos Santos.

Now we know why the Chinese have Megalopolis in Angola .

Large companies from China have collaborated with the private businesses of the Dos Santos family.

The astonishing thing is how can Dos Santos deny any accusation now? Classic, the poor billionaire who ended up in a “witch hunt”, or in a political persecution.

“They want to blame us for all the corruption and bankruptcy in Angola,” said Dokolo, the slut’s husband. “We pay taxes in Europe and are Angola’s largest tax payer. We have worked and invested heavily in this country, more than many others. “ Strangely, it is not clear how this is possible in a very rich nation where the average salary per inhabitant is about one euro and 50 cents per day, 5% of children do not manage to exceed their first birthday, and the average life expectancy is about 60 years old.

Dos Santos is not an African thoroughbred. The mother is a Russian white woman, Tatiana Kukanova, known by her father in Azerbaijan, Baku, where her parents met while attending a state university dedicated to oil and chemistry. Now don’t tell me that his mother married him out of love. The rapacity of this crossbreed has generated the same rapacity that was given the name of Isabel.

ICIJ.org :

When the Portuguese colony became one of the last in Africa to gain independence in 1975, José Eduardo dos Santos returned to Angola with his wife and daughter. His wife Kukanova went to work at Sonangol, a newly formed and rapidly growing national oil company. With a brutal civil war that divided Angola, José Eduardo quickly moved on to control the cement, putting friends in key places. He acquired almost dictatorial powers, even on Sonangol. The oil company would become a pillar of the Angolan regime and economy, accounting for over 90 percent of total export revenue.

The marriage to Kukanova did not last long. In 1979 Kukanova moved with her daughter to London. Isabel spent her teens attending an elite prep school and went on to King’s College London where she earned an engineering degree. Its financial managers, show the leaked documents, later called her “The engineer”.

In 1992, President dos Santos changed the Angolan constitution: the president could not be prosecuted for official actions “except in the event of corruption or treason against the motherland”. Dos Santos treated Angola “like his personal farm,” Salvador Freire, a prominent human rights lawyer in Luanda, told ICIJ.
His eldest daughter was one of the main beneficiaries.

In 1999, the president established Angola Selling Corp. with an exclusive license to market Angolan diamonds , another pillar of the country’s economy, controlled by Isabel dos Santos and his mother for a 24.5% stake.

A year later, the dos Santos government issued an extremely valuable mobile telecommunications license, one of the first in the country, to a company called Unitel . Among its owners and founders: Isabel dos Santos.

At the beginning of its 30 years, dos Santos owned millions of luxury apartments in London and Lisbon .

One of the largest banks in Angola is largely owned by Dos Santos. As well as Unitel, a telecommunications company, now in the red.


Dos Santos has several cover companies in many tax havens, although only one of them is its favorite: Malta .

Malta, right where our article on De Grisogono began , and the murder with a car bomb in 2017 of an investigative journalist, Daphne Caruana Galizia.
Maltese banks are known for not asking for or processing the origin of money in their accounts. To this their confidentiality we attribute the blood of innocents, and the destruction of millions of lives, remember that.

De Grisogono

And we come to 2010, when Dokolo incorporated two companies from Malta to acquire a controlling stake in a troubled Swiss luxury jeweler called De Grisogono

His business partner in the deal was Angola’s diamond trading agency, Sodiam , which was co-owner of the Maltese entities managed by Dos Santos. Sodiam helped finance the acquisition and lent De Grisogono a total of over $ 120 million.

LuandaLeaks suggest that the state-backed Angolan diamond company, Sodiam, was instrumental in the purchase and financing of De Grisogono, exposing itself to huge loans to pay for the company’s purchase and support, as well as its debts. .

But despite its financial investments, Sodiam had no role in deciding how De Grisogono was managed . Instead, Dokolo and his team appear to have run the business, which was and is at a loss , and Sodiam owed $ 147 million for the loans used to support De Grisogono, money borrowed from a bank linked to Dos Santos.
In addition, Dokolo and Dos Santos were able to purchase diamonds from the state at a lower market value, through several companies that obtained the status of “preferential buyer” with Sodiam.

And to make a long story short, between Maltese and Luxembourg companies, the State of Angola seems to have provided most, if not all, of the funds that made the purchase of De Grisogono possible .

In 2012, in the days leading up to the De Grisogono agreement, Sodiam transferred $ 45 million in loans to Malta-based Victoria Holding Limited, which was used to pay off the jeweler’s debt and provide investments.

In summary: the De Grisogono company was purchased on the skin of the Angolans, on their hunger, on their poverty, for the benefit of the slut Dos Santos and her husband, and Gruosi, the founder of Grisogono, the host of the Cannes Film Festivals, of the sumptuous receptions of the stars, as seen in the previous article .

The Star System that acclaims between the lights and the sparkles of the diamonds, De Grisogono is actually the dark shadow that forces millions of Africans to hunger, which kills millions of children, and this Star System is the same that promotes sword uncontrolled immigration, migratory flows of the Mediterranean Sea, and forced multiculturalism, and multi-ethnicity in Europe.

Here are the guests of De Grisogono: Assassins, Friends of the Corrupters, and dishonest businessmen like the Dos Santos. Here’s who they are.

Van Oord

In early 2013, representatives of its real estate and construction management company, Urbinveste, began meeting with the executives of the Dutch giant Van Oord Dredging; Marine Contractors BV, according to confidential emails and other documents.

Dutch and Angolan partners discussed a dredging and construction work which would include artificial islands, a new beach, a fishing port and a coastal road.

They would later say that the plan included “highly specialized dredging and land reclamation” and “no need to evict or relocate residents or communities.” The project would have been conducted on “land reclaimed 100% from the sea” and the cost would have been $ 1.3 billion.

The maps of Luanda Leaks show that the plan has gone through a lively fishing community that is at least 50 years old and some of the best beaches in Luanda. Home to around 3,000 families, its name was Areia Branca, Portuguese for “White Sands”.

The consortium led by the dos Santos company got the go-ahead.

Before dawn on a Saturday in June 2013, soldiers, police and members of the presidential guard moved to Areia Branca. The inhabitants were evicted and the bulldozers went to work to demolish the houses, according to complaints and letters compiled by the non-profit SOS Habitat based in Luanda. The neighborhood has been leveled.

There was nothing; no warning, no warning, nothing, ”said Talitha Miguel, a 41-year-old teacher, in an interview with Trouw, the Dutch media partner of the ICIJ. “It was like it was a massacre.

But in 2014 the oil price collapsed.

Angola had used oil as collateral for loans from China to build roads and dams. Now he could no longer pay his debts and Beijing was not happy. Neither Chevron, ExxonMobil and Total, which owed hundreds of millions of dollars.

The global oil crisis and the resulting economic free fall had led to a spiral of public protests, government crackdown and violence.
With the impending pension, the president made bold moves that would benefit his daughter.
His administration awarded a series of public works contracts, saying he hoped to increase employment and put money in the pockets of Angolans.
The ICIJ reports show, however, that some of the main beneficiaries were the activities of Isabel dos Santos or the large and politically connected companies and banks that operate with it.

And so the whole Angolan economy. And the White Sands redevelopment plan?
Only rubble and , indeed, sand.

Many former Areia Branca residents live less than 200 meters in a slum full of dead birds and rotting food teeming with flies and mosquitoes. Residents live in small corrugated iron and wood huts, some sitting on top of a mixture of sewage sludge and mud that comes in at high tide. Many shared beds wrapped in mosquito nets .

Among them: Talitha Miguel, 41 years old, teacher and mother of four children. On a Sunday afternoon in October 2019, she sat outside her shack with three friends, preparing small golden cakes for the market amid the sound of radios playing popular music. Flies prowled around them. Miguel said the expelled residents now have no running water and only sporadic electricity. The area is periodically flooded and water pours into their homes with bay litter.

In Areia Branca, life was tough, but we had a refrigerator, a TV,” said Miguel. The houses were larger and did not flood. “We could breathe pure air,” he said. “We were facing the sea. We had trees. We lived in good health.

; – /

While what her people on paper but not in her mind lives in these foul conditions because of her, the half-blooded slut now lives in exile in London, and her old, corrupt , black father in Barcelona. Their empire is under siege, and I hope it will be annihilated as soon as possible .

Dos Santos was scheduled to attend a meeting of the world elite this month, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, but last week, the Forum said it would not attend.

It’s already something ..