From Shakespeare to Dante Alighieri, the Judaophobia of the past remains immortal. Hatred for Semitism is the Hatred of Pagan Culture itself against the advent of the One God, Arabs or Jews they remained unwanted and unwelcome for centuries. Today, after winning the war, the minds of millions of individuals who paradoxically owe their existence to their ancestors, like Dante, like Shakespeare, Luther, and all the other writers, philosophers and thinkers whose culture can define itself the basis of the Modern West . Someone considers it an inconvenience and wants to get rid of all of them, including Dante ..

What does Dante Alighieri tell us about the Jews in the Divine Comedy?

In canto XXIX, 102: When Jesus died, there was an eclipse of the sun; this was not a natural fact that would affect only a small territory, but the light darkened all over the world, so that not only the Jews saw it, but also “the Ispani and the Indi”. Here we find the word «Jews», that is, Jews, inhabitants of Judea: the name «Judas» evokes the «Jews», symbol and representative, made remarked by Dante.
The verses indicate the most tragic place in the infernal abyss: the “Giudecca”, the same name that will be used for the ghettos – where Jews were confined to all the cities of Europe.

Jews considered to be “gods”, killers of God, in all respects. The true roots of the anti-Semitism of the Gospels are inexorably reflected in all European culture up to the present day.
Dante’s verses are not exempt. Especially where Dante indicated the way forward, painting the good and the bad for centuries to come.

In canto XXIII the poets arrive in the sixth bed, that of the hypocrites. They meet the judges of the Sanhedrin of the Jews, those who condemned Christ. Their pain consists in being crucified on earth (the counterpoint for what they have done to Jesus) and trampled on by the damned others.

«That conflict that you aim / advised the Pharisees that agreed / to place a man for the people to martyrs. […] And in this way the fellow is struggling / in this pit, and the rest of the council / which was bad for the Jews ». Conflict is Caiaphas, the high priest, who had decreed the condemnation of Jesus because he feared a repression by the Romans and the others are the father-in-law Annah and the assembly (council) of the Sanhedrin who shared Caiaphas’ proposal.

and the hypocrisy of that choice, according to Dante, was for that people of the origin (mala sementa) of their ruin.

Courier :

MILAN – The Divine Comedy must be removed from school curricula : too much anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, racist and homophobic content . The surprising request comes from “Gherush92”, an organization of researchers and professionals who enjoys the status of special consultant with the United Nations Economic and Social Council and which carries out development education, human rights and conflict resolution projects.

ANTISEMITISM – «The Divine Comedy – explains Valentina Sereni, president of Gherush92 to the Adnkronos – pillar of Italian literature and milestone in the training of Italian students presents offensive and discriminatory content both in vocabulary and in substance and is offered without any filter or that critical considerations regarding anti-Semitism and racism are provided “. Under the magnifying glass in particular the songs XXXIV, XXIII, XXVIII, XIV. Chant XXXIV , the organization explains, is an obligatory stage of study. The personage and the term Judas and Jews are an integral part of Christian culture: «Judas par excellence is a false person, a traitor (from Judas, name of the apostle who betrayed Jesus)»; “Jew is a common derogatory term according to an ancient anti-Semitic prejudice that indicates who is greedy for money, usurer, treacherous person, traitor” (so writes De Mauro, The dictionary of the Italian language). The negative meaning of Jew is then extended to all the Jewish people. Dante’s Judas is the representation of the Judas of the Gospels, the source of anti-Semitism . «Studying the Divine Comedy – Gherush92 says – young people are forced, without filters and explanations, to appreciate a work that slanders the Jewish people, they learn to validate their message of anti-Semitic condemnation, still repeated today in the masses, in the homilies, in the sermons and in the sermons it cost the Jewish people pains and mourning ». And again, the organization continues, “in canto XXIII Dante punishes the Sanhedrin who, according to Christians, plotted against Jesus; the conspirators, Caifas the high priest, Anna and the Pharisees, all suffer the same punishment, different from that of the rest of the hypocrites: by contrast, Caifas is naked and crucified on the ground, so that every other damned among the hypocrites will trample on him ».

Slander. Anything that criticizes their culture is considered slander and defamation. All. Even the Divine Comedy.
What a devil …

Muhammad – But be careful. Dante’s masterpiece would also contain Islamophobic accents. «In canto XXVIII of Inferno – explains Sereni – Dante describes the horrendous pains that the sowers of discord suffer, that is, those who in life have made political, religious and family lacerations. Muhammad is represented as a schismatic and Islam as a heresy . An atrocious punishment is reserved for the Prophet: his body is split from the chin to the backside so that the guts hang from his legs, an image that insults Islamic culture. Ali, Muhammad’s successor, on the other hand, has his head split from the chin to the hair.

The offense – he adds – is made more evident because Muhammad’s “broken” and “crippled” body is compared to a broken barrel, an object that contains wine, banned by Islamic tradition. In Muhammad’s description vulgar terms and gruesome images are used so much that in the Arabic translation of the Commedia by the philologist Hassan Osman the verses considered an offense have been omitted ».

The Divine Comedy is also the first horror splatter-snuff genre in history :


Not sparing anyone between pains and torments , prophets or presumed such included, where they appear in the verses they are now erased by the Semites and the Marxists:

Censored image, Muhammad is not where it should be. Proof of how Censorship is destroying our culture.

And forbidding to save “souls” at sea:

HOMOSEXUALS – Homosexuals, in Dante’s language, also the sodomites, would be put on the index in the Alighieri poem . Those who had relations “against nature” are in fact punished in Hell: the sodomites, the most numerous sinners in the group, are described as they run under a rain of fire, condemned not to stop . In Purgatory, the sodomites reappear, in canto XXVI, together with the lustful heterosexuals. «We do not invoke neither censures nor bonfires – Sereni points out – but we would like it to be recognized, clearly and unambiguously that in the Comedy there are racist, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic contents. Art cannot be above any critical judgment. Art is made of form and content and even admitting that there are different levels of interpretation in the Comedy, symbolic, metaphorical, iconographic, aesthetic, this does not authorize to remove the textual meaning of the work, whose disparaging content is evident and contributes , today as yesterday, to spread false accusations that cost millions and millions of deaths over the centuries. Persecutions, discrimination, expulsions, fires have been suffered by Jewish, homosexual, Moorish, unfaithful, heretical and pagan Christians, the same that Dante places in the circles of hell and purgatory. This is racism which the symbolic, metaphorical and aesthetic readings of the work evidently do not remove ».

Aren’t ISIS followers who cut and wave the heads of Christians racist content as well? Or the multiple attacks of the jihadists? Or the disproportionate use of Israeli military force against the Palestinians? What are these?

CRIMINI – “Today – concludes Sereni – racism is considered a crime and there are international laws and conventions that protect cultural diversity and protect against discrimination, hatred or violence for racial, ethnic, national or religious reasons, and to which we must refer ; therefore these contents, if taught in schools or proclaimed in public, contravene these laws, especially if in the presence of one of the discriminated categories. It is our duty to report to the competent authorities, including judicial authorities, that the Comedy has offensive and racist content that needs to be deepened and known. We therefore ask to expel the Divine Comedy from ministerial school programs or, at least, to insert the necessary comments and clarifications » . Of course, we wonder what would happen if the criterion proposed by “Gherush92” were applied to the great authors of literature. In Britain would we see Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice” censored? Or some of Chaucer’s tales? What is certain is that the issue of politically correct ends up invading spheres far from real politics. So the Corriere in an article of 1996 tells how, when choosing famous people to adorn the future euro banknotes, Shakespeare was discarded because potentially antisemitic Mozart because freemason, Leonardo Da Vinci because homosexual. In the end it was decided to put on the banknotes images of bridges at least they cannot be accused of anything.

What would happen if we censored: Dante Alighieri, the Gospels, the philosophers of German Idealism, Protestantism, the Cult of the Nordic Gods, Shakespeare, the History of the Crusades, Celine, and many others, it would be worth doing the same end as Caiaphas ?