We can’t deny what I wrote, Tulsi Gabbard has connections with the Jews. And she would be fake because of this. But Tulsi Gabbard stands for the withdrawal of US troops in the Middle East, the election of Tulsi Gabbard for #POTUS, President of the United States, would be the right revenge against Trump, and against his whore daughter. And I don’t think we have many or just few alternatives if not once again to believe in wide-ranging political promises.

And about the Tulsi’s connection with the Jews? Well who doesn’t have any? Back at 2005 I found myself among them..

They liked me, and gave me a job: they recruited me to threaten the providers that hosted Far Right Websites in the world in order to put them offline, but shortly thereafter, I repented and reevaluated my whole life of falsehood and weaknesses in what built, directed and fills this site.

To defeat your enemy you must know him, and I have known him.

My contact was the grandson of one of the Jewish athletes killed in Monaco during the 1972 Olympics by Black September, codenamed Atapaz.

I began to study them. For example, great was my amazement when they told me that they eat pork, or when Atapaz grumbled because of his own shitty people, and I had fun of him by saying: “… but that’s the Holy Land”, and he replied : “Fella, it could be really holy land but the people here are not holy at all.”

Despite this, among them, their group, they were very united, and truly cunning in all computer skills, disassembling programs, in cryptography, programming sentient bots, and everything else that I do not tell at this very moment.

Also in 2005, Atapaz told me about a Secret Muslim Plan: Sunni Muslims worked secretly to have an Islamic State in the heart of Europe (with complicity of who?).
At the time I laughed, and replied to him like instantly that it was impossible, neither as before, nor as after 9/11, but he firmly reiterated that that plan was being implemented.
Now, after so many years, when I think back that day I understand that (((they))) were really far ahead …in their time.

Eventually our collaboration broke when I began to criticize the palestinian harsh living conditions and I spited on that pig of their premier: Ariel Sharon.

Despite this, Atapaz tried to bring me their reasons by saying, for example, that the living conditions of the Palestinians were far better than those reported by the media as the Israelis offered them many jobs, or recognizing that Hamas was created in its early days really by Mossad to counter beat Al Fatah, bringing chaos and bewilderment among the ranks of Palestinian Arabs. But in the group there were not tolerable jews but just jewish dickheads, Jews who hated Christians, and the fact that I imposed myself as one them, on their same level and reached peers always gave them a tremendous nuisance.

I went away and have never seen them since then. And today I am what I am also thanks to them.

I told all this to say that there will never be in these times a Western Candidate who can openly declare himself, or herself, an enemy of the Jews, but just one who will probably make fun of them, and probably out there it’s just all that that we may hope.

I do not know if Tulsi will be able to do it, if she will be able to bring to reason those who do not accept other logic if not their own. But what chances do we have?

Tulsi’s victory will make it clear that the AltRight still decides about who is on the chessboard in the United States, and in the world.

Crushing the treacherous heads of Trump, his whore daughter and his baneful son-in-law is now for all of us just an ethical and moral duty.

There are no other alternatives. I don’t see them.

Tulsi Gabbard must become the Next President of the White House.

Because nobody wants a war with Iran, nobody wants to see Americans die for reasons that do not belong to them, and we all want Peace, a real peace that is desired today only with empty words and fake proclamations, a screenplay for media, usually contradicting everything thereafter by using war drones and tomahawk missiles, then shielding the ZOG War Criminals with glaring lies, just like Donald Trump has done in recent years.

Trump had his chance, we gave it to him. He has failed, we did not.

That’s why we are now betting everything on Tulsi Gabbard, and proclaiming her as our Empress.

At the moment, you are the only one able to put things on balance in the world.

We adore you.