2019 a year that has routed off several entities here and there in the world, in a world created and managed by (((them))), made of rules inherited from lies, made of rewritten historical truths.. because there are unfavorable facts that must be hid by our so-called Elite, a world where the masses are still subjugated by illusions, millennial, secular, decennial.

It follows that to be governed this world does not need truth but only what it is led to perceive as truth , interchangeable, interconnected, false, fake, optional, real holograms.

To you our 2019 Top Stories:


We discovered that despite the economic sanctions promoted by Russia and Europe and the United States, the embargo is circumvented in the name of a law applied to enemies and forgotten for friends. But something happens despite everything.


In August 2018 we told about the franc cfa, pron. ca-fa, and how France continues to our days a colonialist and imperialist policy in Africa , then making a moral to others, Italy, the world, and even their own citizens, deprived of rights and decorated with yellow vests.

The case will be raised by Italian politicians only months later , in January 2019, but the masses still do not have “ perception of what France has become after 100 years “, not even watching soccer matches on TV, or just the soccer would no longer be followed as a sport, given that whites in this sport don’t matter anymore, prove I’m wrong in this .


A white Australian with a mysterious recent past accomplishes a heinous attack in a mosque … in Christchurch , which lett. means Church of Christ in New Zealand.

What will come out of this story is like a white rabbit coming out of the magician’s cylinder: Mossad, passports of dead children, hacking during post-earthquake rescue operations , identity camouflage, strange journeys in strange areas , money from nothing, and the story of terrorist Baruch Goldstein as a corollary and conclusion of this bloody and dark event.


In a whirlwind of accurate details we nail the Q-Anons to the wall, cut off their mask, and we expose them to the public fun . Q-Anon, Jews, that’s who they are .


The Notre-Dame Cathedral burns down. The Moors rejoice, the Christians cry, the hypocrites talk loudly.
Instead we shout : De Molay you have been avenged once again !

After telling the story of the little Bernile, the treasure of Adolf Hitler , we blow on the pang fog that farsescently envelops the history written by the winners to discover that Jewish half-breed and common Jews , mostly Ashkenazi, white Indo-European descendants, were a living and integral part of Nazi Germany ,

Jews from the low to the high ranks of the Third Reich, officers, generals, Jewish men in the restricted circles of the Supreme Leader Adolf Hitler, non-hidden Jews, in disguise, real Jews in flesh and blood, accepted and served the National Socialist will.


Science, data, everything shows that whites are superior beings, superior genes, first in all.
But after the Middle Ages, after Galileo , history once again repeats itself, and undeniable scientific results are banned together with those who have exposed and affirmed them. Meet DNA’s Father “White” James Watson .

Schindler List , a name, a movie , millions and millions of individuals who believe this film as a truth that has unfailingly happened in all its crude atrocity, etc. etc. But only a few brave people are nowadays able to reveal that it is only a hoax , a ridiculous staging, from the showers to the Sephardic, Semite, Aramaic soaps or to the cadaver skin for lampshades.

It is needed to be brave two times: in killing and simulating of being killed .


Robert De Niro , a discreet actor, one of the elite, probably a pervert, already involved in events related to the world of child prostitution tours , a friend of Weinstein , of the rapist Weinstein,

a friend of Bill Clinton, pedophile Bill Clinton

… in short, a friend, a buddy.

In Foreboding Conspiracy we reveal some information for a few people. Riveting stuff.

We launch a proposal to date the “ true ” Diary of Anne Frank, dating it through RadioCarbon Test . Obviously they refuse, but it is a real shame, to reiterate what is already known .


Top Gun 2 , the trailer comes out. A few tens of millions of people don’t see anything strange, just a trailer, Tom Cruise in great stardust, and some special effects stunt.
In a few seconds, however, you can see: the manifesto on the current conditions of whites in the Western World, and also the sentence to the modern woman the first to suffer the damage of the lies erected in behalf of real truth, surely.


Internet, Artificial Intelligence and Blackhole . The halo of mystery that surrounds the origin of this astonishing information speaks for itself already, a scientific account, 6 years to write and connect extremes and variables, in the pale of new graduates in physics, and in the awareness of the mass, we reiterate that: first they laugh at you, then they fear you and finally they fight you .
At the end of August, Wotansvolk will be thrown out of WordPress servers upon request by the A.D.L., Anti-Defamation League , Anti-Defamation League of the United States of America, Jews.


We bring back the site back online and go hunting for ADL, and many won’t like what we found thereafter, especially ADL which is razed to the ground in a ferocious literary Blitzkrieg .

Praise Wotan!

Like Dante we prepared ourselves to descend in the Hell, through its satanic circles.
It is the time to fight, destroy and avenge this planet.
We enter the Satanic Underworld : Part I II III IV.

It exists, a depraved and perverse pedophile sick underworld. A ring made up of well-known personalities from finance, politics, art, music, cinema and entertainment in general.
These have shared connections, same interests, visit the same places, have the same taste in choosing the closest circle of friends and workers.

They have a double life, and beneath the surface of what you see on television and in the movies flows genuine evil satanic blood from poor innocent young people and teenagers .


Actually I wrote about about Magnitorgorsk many months ago , but I had to rewrite this story on the occasion of the Islamic attacks here and there in Europe on November 29


We give a key to the Middle Eastern geopolitics by unveiling what the Las Vegas Shooting really was and was not , was it really a very strange armed attack carried out by an old drunkard? And why it took place just one floor below the room of an archenemy of the Salman family, the family of the current king, monarch of Saudi Arabia?

Nothing is as it seems.

From an american university life on the red planet comes recognized , life on Mars .
But after a few hours the page is deleted, and only silence falls over this story. So let’s make some noise, not for nothing but for life ..


After the Nazi Jews, come out the Fascist Jews .

For the series: we wanted to amaze you with a white rabbit but one alone was perhaps too sad.

Nuclear is important , essential, nuclear is able to save life, and just improve quality of life. Just read this story to understand with a high degree of certainty that the media lies, the television tells lies, the newspapers lie, the star system is composed by liars , and that we are sentenced to die of ignorance cause of the ignorant people.

After 15 years, I wrote Jews Wide Shut also to close and exit from the Satanic Underworld, but bringing on with me some of the ashes of these despicable demons.


You can’t say it was a boring year, can you say it?