Here is what I’d really like to write if it wasn’t that every day we have to write to counter the Marxist lies.

Blue Dunes on Mars. Astounding.


Sand dunes often accumulate in the crater floors. In this region of Lyot Crater, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) of NASA shows a classic barchan dune field on January 24, 2018. Only south of the barchan dune group is a large dune with a more complex structure. This particular dune, which looks like turquoise blue in intense colors, is made of finer material and / or has a different composition than the surrounding one.

They do not know what causes the blue. They have no idea what the sand is made of, or if it is sand. It could also be a mass of wind-blown, Martian blue algae for all we know. However, it is known, there is a kind of blue lava on Earth:

Volcanoes that emit sulfur gases, burn creating a sapphire blue aura. We find it both in Indonesia and on the Hawaiian Islands. However, why are we not already on the planet to analyze that sand live, to colonize the entire Mars?

This question should haunt much of those who have full awareness of creation and our enlightened potential.

There is water on Mars, water in the form of ice that can very well be used by the first settlers.



But no mission of first landing on the red planet for at least a few more decades. We must be satisfied with the theory on it being Martian wind at the moment.


What must be done to go to Mars? I can only propose a propitiatory rite.

Burn all the Masons dedicated to orgies and other crap, it could be decided if they are burned alive or if they are hanged. Burn all the Skinheads alive in the ovens, let the stadium ones live, hang all the others.

It seems to me a fair solution to please the bosses and have a great hope for our offspring to survive elsewhere. A penalty to pay for the fact that we are not yet on Mars walking through his Blue Dune and trying to get on the back of a worm to ride him to the fucking sought after Glory- which, at the moment, is denied to us.


P.S. We are not the ones who write about genocide and evil necessary for the

survival of humanity but Frank Herbert in the Dune saga.