We do not hate Jews, Kubrick was Jew, praise him, and what follows will prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Hatred must never take the place of Love.

Eyes Wide Shut film promotion by S.Kubrick was focused exclusively on the fact that a married white couple had been chosen as the main protagonist of the film, ignoring the real story, namely the fact that this movie exposes the global Jewish cabal known as the Illuminati.

In 1999, the legendary and mythical director Stanley Kubrick released an extremely singular film, which would be the last film he would direct in his career. Eyes Wide Shut was Kubrick’s first film in twelve years, in fact his penultimate film is from 1987, namely Full Metal Jacket, and only his fifth film since 1968, when the magnificent 2001: A Space Odyssey came out.

However already in the Shining, Kubrick wanted to give us a preview, notice the Grand Galà and Satan analogy.

Kubrick died in mysterious circumstances only six days after he delivered the final copy of the film to Warner Brothers.

Eyes Wide Shut is full of symbols and clues that make up as the business card of the Illuminati, the synarchic and oligarchic group of global sovereigns, who believe in the rule by birthright and who govern this planet using the “iron fist in a methodology narrowly of division fascist and conqueror mind, didide et impera , with the touch of a black velvet glove”.

Tom Cruise Mapother IV and Nicole Kidman, the protagonists, were married during the three years necessary to shoot the film, but they divorced soon after the film was completed . Both stars have signed a permanent contract, which has become available for the time necessary to Kubrick in order to complete the film. In fact the 15 months of the filming of Eyes Wide Shut are included in the Guinness Book of World Records, for the “ longest and most consistent film shoots ” of any film in the history of Hollywood, including an uninterrupted duration of 46 weeks. In addition, Tom Cruise was filmed 90 times in order to shoot the same scene, while crossing a door, that is another single record.

Stupid Marxists don’t understand this film, for them the film doesn’t say anything, they weren’t stupid, they wouldn’t be Marxists, and only fools can tarnish the memory of one of the greatest Jews and film directors ever. Foolish ignorant criminals.

This film is a metaphor for our times, the reality or clash that is faced between those who sleep between us and those who are awake between us , because our world has fallen under the influence of very dark and very evil forces.

The Protocols are reals, Pizzagate is real, the Illuminati are reals.

Nude Twilight

The film appears to neophytes as a story about sex and marital fidelity, monogamy and sexual fantasy, but all this is just a lark mirror . One of the film’s memorable scenes, just at the beginning, is the one where Nicole Kidman undresses in front of a mirror and a window , with her back to the camera, and then there are the various sexual themes, such as prostitutes, pedophilia, even almost necrophilia, all reinforced by the song, reproduced in the soundtrack, by Chris Isaak, Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing . The text is about sexual infidelity and provided suitable music for Mrs.Kidman’s striptease. Furthermore, since this opening scene involves both a window and a mirror, the film could be described as a peek into the married life of a couple, which is a hall of mirrors .

But the mirror, like the egg, is a symbol of the human soul.

My God..is full of Stars.

After the film beginning, Dr. William Harford and his lovely wife Alice are attending a Christmas party held by a very rich person named Victor Ziegler and his wife Ilona in their home, and what attracts attention are the strange decorations hung on the walls. Everything is in the details .

An eight-pointed star with a Saturn ring around the center. The flowers on the wall are actually pentagrams .

At the opening party at Victor Ziegler’s home, Alice Harford meets and dances with a Hungarian man. The name of this character is Sandor Szavost. This character shares his name with the creator of the Church of Satan, Anton Sandor LaVey . This would be an accurate analogy, because members of the global elite are all devoted to Lucifer or Satan. Their religion is opposite  to the the Christian one, their God is Lucifer, and their hatred goes to the God of Christians, guilty of having abandoned the fallen angels, therefore an enemy God.

This kind of thinking is extremely convoluted and represents what some have called satanic inversion — evil is good, lies are truth, death is life and darkness is light .

Through the Looking Glass

It is a way of saying that what is above us in the heaven is the same as what resides in us in the human body; a scientific principle that has proven to be true up to the level of quantum physics .

The plot of Eyes Wide shut is based on the 1926 novel by Arthur Schnitzler entitled Traumnovelle ( Dream Story ). Stanley Kubrick wanted to transform this story into a film as far back as 1968, when he first read Schnitzler’s novel, just meanwhile he was filming 2001: A Space Odyssey .

The novel tells of the nowadays problems, basically the problem of being spiritually asleep compared to being spiritually awake . Hence the general audience is left to wonder what parts of the story are real and what of it are just dreams. It took thirty years to Kubrick to make this film, much more time elapsed by Terrence Malick for his films, and for all these past years there has been no competitive interest in making a Dream Story movie by other directors.

Kubrick has encrypted many messages in the movie character names, as written above; for example, the name of the character Dr. Bill is a word game that should not require further explanation, or Alice, from the novel by Lewis Carroll. While the surname Harford would seem to be taken from the union of Harrison + Ford. However, calling Dr. Bill’s wife Alice unconsciously reminds the public of Alice’s strange journey “ Through the mirror “, which is exactly where we find Alice on the home screen, which is very appropriate, as this film addresses issues surrounding reality and the world of dreams. The metaphor of the rabbit hole has been widely used in contemporary American media, as in the 1999 film The Matrix, which also addresses many of these same themes of reality and dreams.

Where the Rainbow ends

At the Christmas party, while his wife Alice is approached by Sandor Szavost, Dr. Harford is taken away by two beautiful models, and he asks them where they are leading him, and the models reply: “Where the rainbow ends”, The seven-color rainbow is used as a hypnotic device. Douglas Monroe, in his Druidic book of magic, describes the rainbow as follows: “ The rainbow is a true sign of magic, it exists in both worlds at once!

But the rainbow is also a satanic symbol.

Another interesting curiosity is the name of the little daughter of Dr. Bill and Alice Harford, Helena, as Helena Petrovna Blavatsky , and it should be also of interest that the building directly adjacent to the Rainbow costume shop is a Lodge masonry, which can be seen only with the ZOOM function of the DVD player.

Fidelio and the Seven Gates of Hell

Using Fidelio as a password to enter the masked ball is an example of a literary device known as prefiguration , a term that refers to clues that provide a taste of what’s to come. Fidelio is the story of a woman who saves her husband from death in a political prison . The masked ball is exactly that, because Harford is threatened and seriously.

The high priest who performs Illuminati black magic rituals wears red, the color that symbolizes the bloodline which is of fundamental importance, especially among the aristocrats of ancient noble houses. Among these scenes there are several deleted that just explain how the first woman recognized Bill after leaving the ritualistic circle, and when his situation looks rather grim, Dr. Harford is suddenly saved by this mysterious woman, who sacrifices herself for him at the last moment. Since the Illuminati are extremely political, it was a rescue from a political prison created for Dr. Harford. While Dr. Bill Harford arrives at the masked ritual, he gives the password, Fidelio, which is also the name of Beethoven only opera. He has to go through seven people to get into what Kubrick called “THE ABYSS” , or the Seven Gates of Hell – or the seven rings that surround Dante’s Inferno: Two men out of Mentmore Towers , a man at the front door, a man in the vestibule (where Harford gives the password a second time), another who takes his cloak, while another man stands at the inner door, and the seventh masked man standing directly out of the ritual hall.

Into the Abyss

The music played during this scene is extremely disturbing and was written and performed by Jocelyn Pook, the musical motif for the scene was originally titled “ Backwards Priests “, but then was re-titled “ Masked Ball “. This piece can be found in the soundtrack of the film , as well as in his album titled “Deluge” (or alternatively “Flood”). A positively haunting track that creates an unforgettable tension. Superb. The song is of a Romanian priest who gives a mass in Latin. The first voice is deep and belligerent, and is obviously the voice of a high priest, because he invokes a rather disturbing seriousness at first hearing, and combined with the visions of the film itself.

After being recognized, betrayed by the taxi driver waiting form him outside Mentmore Towers, Dr. Harford is unmasked .

In the throne of the High Priest dressed in red there is the Uraeus , two cobra snake heads on the back of the chair, the evil symbol of royalty that wants to break the infinite, or Ouroboros, and remove the night from the day.

Alice’s Deception

A few scenes later, Alice wakes up during the middle of the night and finds Bill’s mask on the pillow next to her (or she placed the mask there?). Hence this raises questions: was Alice at the Masked Ball? This is somewhat corroborated later by the description of a “dream” by Alice, in which she was possessed by many men that she did not know , just as happens during the Illuminati ritual.

The Palace where the ritual takes place is Mentmore Towers , owned by the Rothschilds, the mask used by many guests recalls that used by doctors during the epidemic of the Black Death .

Hooded figures wearing these masks are reminiscent of an IBM television commercial shown on television during 2003, where a distressed executive is constantly pursued by “ problematic customers “.

The title of this advertising campaign was ..Dreams.

Ziegler points out to Bill that the names of the guests at “ Celebration “, or call it the Black Mass, are names out of the ordinary, very powerful people, like the top of the world, of course Rothschild and Windsor would be among these guests .


Kubrick has been a great, as a Jew he never professed Judaism , indeed he was careful to this, and despite the fact that in 2001: Odyssey in Space have been “spotted” similarities with the Jewish religion , this film defeats everything that was done previously . Kubrick wanted to warn us against evil, and he left us with a message of hope: the family is very important, the love of a husband and a wife, love for children, what is most sacred in the world, what allows us to protect ourselves, and move on, because if we go beyond this condition, from this “love” all we can meet is just Hate … or the degenerate and cruel Horror of a Satanic Abyss .