Why did the Saudis hurt Jamal Khashoggi?
Why did they brutally dismember and murder the reporter?                                    
Who is Paul Allen?


WASHINGTON (JTA) – Two weeks after his disappearance, the Saudi editor of the Washington Post, Jamal Khashoggi, is spinning his reputation through a wringer, and some pro-Israeli voices are joining in the mess.
Even when macabre accusations arrive that he was tortured, murdered and dismembered after he entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, some supporters of Israel joined other figures on the right to describe Khashoggi as a terrorist sympathizer and a fierce opponent of Israel. Their goal seems to be to counter a portrait of Khashoggi as a Saudi reformer and activist of free speech, and perhaps the pressure to derail the White House to punish Saudi Arabia for its disappearance and alleged murder.

Jared Kushner has shaken off the murder of Khashoggi and it shouldn’t surprise you.

Khashoggi was a journalist that was unaccepted by the Kikes, and their brethren. Afterall, it was their Saudi allies that did their dirty work.

Don’t forget, Paul Allen is Jewish.


Shots on Khashoggi, derided as a radical and anti-Semitic Islamist, emerged along with gruesome accounts from official Turkish sources about his disappearance: according to Turkish reports, the US columnist entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to get some documents before his marriage scheduled with a Turkish citizen, and a team of 15 Saudi agents was waiting to torture him and kill him.
Donald Trump Jr. retweeted one of the first attacks on Khashoggi, from a correspondent for PJ Media’s conservative website. The correspondent, Patrick Poole, had published photos of the interviews that Khashoggi had conducted in the late 1980s with Osama bin Laden, who founded al-Qaeda and organized the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001.
“I had not realized until yesterday that Jamal Khashoggi was the author of this infamous 1988 Arab News article that worked in Afghanistan with Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda co-founder Abdullah Azzam,” Poole tweeted October 12 , 10 days after the death of Khashoggi. “He is just a reformist democratic journalist holding a role-playing game with jihadists.” A photo shows Khashoggi posing with a bazooka.

One could even think according to the background of Khashoggi, which we dealt with in the previous article, that was also aware of the terrorist plan of September 11th. But…

The interview was at a time when the Reagan administration was supporting insurgents in Afghanistan. Khashoggi was indeed in solidarity with bin Laden (the Khashoggi and bin Laden families were close). However, when bin Laden launched terrorism operations against the West, Khashoggi disavowed him.

Let’s say, Kikes 0 – Truth 1.

Others have joined the fray. The magazine FrontPage, directed by the right-wing provocateur David Horowitz, published an article on the same day in which he declared “Jamal Khashoggi blamed US support for Israel for September 11.” The article quotes a piece that Khashoggi wrote in 2001 after the attacks, published in Arabic in the Guardian, in which Khashoggi sympathetically describes the Saudi reactions to the attacks but does not approve them outright.
Khashoggi’s piece is unable to blame the US attack on Israel for the attacks, although he claims that the Saudis saw the September 11 attacks as a treaty with Israel to curb the Palestinians – a position that would offend Israelis and many Americans. When Khashoggi expresses his opinion, it is to condemn bin Laden for targeting civilians.
On October 17, the Simon Wiesenthal Center European office issued a statement entitled “The Wiesenthal center exposes the anti-Semitic tweets of Jamal Khashoggi“.

Basically, Khashoggi of the very serious events of 11 September blamed the Israelis in league with the Saudis and for this he was branded as an Anti-Semite. Him. A Semitic.


The Wiesenthal Center expresses its horror and revulsion at the allegedly gruesome murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, “the statement said. “In a search, however, of his official Twitter account, the director of the Center for International Relations Simon Wiesenthal, Dr. Shimon Samuels, discovered the following tweets of October 16, 2015. ”
In tweets, Khashoggi denies any Jewish connection to the land of Israel, and states that the Western Wall was a Muslim construction – a false narrative that infuriates the Israelis, and is a commonplace in the region, particularly among the Palestinians.

But at this point, our friend Jamal has gone even further beyond. Belly, liver in palm oil, and heroism.

On October 18, Block quoted a New Yorker article describing Khashoggi as a journalist and commented: “Uh, it means frontman for Islamists and spook paid for Qatar, and Turkey, at Faisal, whose” journalism “was a cover for his real work wrapped his Islamist ideas in a flowery language of “human rights” while he praised Hamas and demanded that Israel be destroyed by violence. “Block declined to comment and its sources are unclear.

All this fits into the plans of Jared Kushner (Jewish Messiah) to begin the advent of Greater Israel from its capital: Jerusalem.

White House adviser Jared Kushner sees Saudis and Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman in particular as key to advancing the Israeli-Palestinian peace proposal he hopes to unveil soon.
The pro-Israel right-wing figures have embraced Trump because he embraced their perspective, moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and withdrawing from the 2015 Iranian nuclear agreement, and now they could return the favor, said Michael Koplow, the policy director for the Israel Policy Forum, a group that supports the two-state solution.
Kushner did not disclose the details of the plan, but right-wing supporters hope to push back many of the pro-Palestinian orthodoxies of past plans, including statehood as a result and a presence in the old city of Jerusalem.

The iron bond between the current Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu and the Saudis led by the bloodthirsty Prince bin Salman is known. Under the absolute supervision of “certain united states” …

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promoted emerging ties with Saudi Arabia and other countries as a validation of his strategy to minimize peace with the Palestinians, believing he can make Israel at home in the region without the Palestinians. Bin Salman was a key figure in this strategy.
“Much of Israel’s argument for Israel’s lack of isolation depends on whether the Saudis are behind the scenes in friendly ways that we could not have imagined before,” Koplow said.
Wittes was skeptical that Israeli officials encouraged efforts to punish Khashoggi’s reputation. Instead, he said, the attacks appear to be the result of polarization on the American political scene, in which left or right-wing allies attack the other party in a way that does not necessarily serve their particular interests.
“What we have seen in American politics is this intense polarization, and when a position is taken” by your side “, you tend to echo it without reflecting on your interests,” he said.

As if to say that having the Press and the Media on their side, the crushing of certain prominent individuals seen badly by the invincible impudent Arab-Israeli duo is allowed and is also permissible.
Jews, Saudis, Semites, half Semites and non Semites, a beautiful melting pot (melting pot that is always of their invention, they should go back in time and propose to the Greeks to merge multicultural with the Persians, what do you say?, N.d.R.),

a dangerous mix, a highly unstable chemical compound, but which finds its stability here to kill and divide.

Israel and the Trump administration see Saudi Arabia as the key to containing Iran’s influence in the region. Some of the experts who highlight the past of the Muslim Brotherhood of Khashoggi suspect that the supporters of the agreement with Iran are behind an effort to smear the respectable façade of the Saudis. The isolation of the Saudis, they fear, would undermine support for the Trump administration’s hard line on Iran, and its rejection of the nuclear reduction sanctions plan, negotiated by Trump’s hated predecessor, President Barack Obama.
Khashoggi “has formed a tactical alliance with former Obama officials trying to depict Trump’s pro-Saudi and anti-Iran policy as a disaster,” Mike Doran of the conservative Hudson Institute and Tony Badran of the hawkish Foundation for the defense of democracies. in the New York Post. “In this perspective, Trump is the promoter of a young and impetuous crown prince. Conflicts like Yemen derive from Saudi recklessness rather than Iranian expansionism “. Bin Salman led a bombing campaign against Iran-backed forces in Yemen.

Of course, also Iran. One of the most modern Muslim countries, Shiite, moderate because they are not Sunni.
Therefore, a danger that must be contained, strangling and affecting those who speak well and defend their rights. After all, Iran has phantom nuclear bombs, and so phantom that it frightens Prime Minister Netanyahu who in turn scares the rest of the world.
The Turks have done a good job, indeed Turkish.

And even the kikes did it, we also give them some credit.

Kikes have done a good job: crushing Jamal and revealing why he was mangled.

So, let’s not overdo the anti-Semitic comments, before putting up Huey Lewis and the News to reiterate that Khashoggi was a Semite.

Besides, as they’ve said, we have never killed Paul Allen, but we would have liked to do it because after all he … was not Jamal Khashoggi.