Forget the Jews. The true masters of the world are the Congolese, and their neighbors in Niger, Angola, and some other areas.
Yes, it’s them, the only drawback, or benefit, depending on what way you look at it… is that they don’t know it, or they are reluctant to understand it, who knows why, they should ask Fredrick Brennan, and all those who have prejudices against us.

I don’t know the prehistoric history of the Congo, I don’t even know much about their Middle Ages. I know that in some lakes they have carnivorous fish like piranhas, but I still know the fact (which everyone knows), black nations including Congo, never progressed, with possibly excluding Ethiopia.

Until in 1878 an infamous and dirty White King, an authentic animal and pig. I believe we can well define the true incarnation of the Anti-Christ on Earth…

King Leopold II of Belgium began his colonial war in the Congo, calling it the International African Society or the International Association for Exploration and Civilization of the Congo.


King Leopold has accumulated enormous personal fortune by exploiting the natural resources of the Congo. Initially, ivory was exported, but this did not produce expected revenue levels. When global demand for rubber exploded, the focus shifted to labor-intensive collection of sap. Abandoning the promises of the Berlin Conference at the end of 1890, the free state government restricted foreign access and extorted forced labor from the natives. Abuses, particularly in the rubber sector, included forced labor of the native population, beatings, widespread killings and frequent mutilations when production quotas were not met [21]. The missionary John Harris of Baringa was so shocked by what he had encountered that he wrote to Leopoldo’s chief agent in the Congo, saying:

I have just returned from a trip inland to the village of Insongo Mboyo. The abject misery and total abandonment are positively indescribable. I was so moved, Excellency, by the stories of the people that I took the liberty to promise you that in the future you will kill them only for the crimes they commit [22].

Estimates of the death toll range from one million to fifteen million [23] [24] because accurate records have not been kept. Historians Louis and Stengers in 1968 stated that the population figures at the beginning of Leopold’s control were only “risky hypotheses”, and that the attempts of ED Morel and others to determine a figure for the loss of population were “fairy tales of ‘imagination”. [25] [26]

Adam Hochschild dedicates a chapter of his book The Phantom of King Leopold to the problem of estimating the death toll. He cites several recent lines of investigation, by anthropologist Jan Vansina and others, which examine local sources (police records, religious documents, oral traditions, genealogies, personal journals and “many others”), which generally agree with the 1919 Commission evaluation Belgian Government: around half of the population has perished during the period of the Free State. Hochshild points out that since the first official census of the 1924 Belgian authorities the population was about 10 million, these different approaches suggest a rough estimate of a total of 10 million deaths.

Ten million dead, and several million Congolese mutilated, and what is the result?
Leopold II of Belgium unknown to 98% of the world population, while Adolf Hitler is still considered the most absolute evil in history.

Part of Africa benefited from Colonialism, as Richard Spencer claims, but certainly at a high price.

What particularly moved the violent and homicidal hand of whites on the black continent was certainly the consideration that the latter had of blacks.

Indigenous, primitive, unscrupulous savages hunted and sold their own as slaves. Easy to corrupt, human animals that for thousands of years had not built much except huts or makeshift shelters. Intimately speaking, I can also consider the fact that perhaps they were happier than the whites, living immersed in nature and not worrying too much about getting rich and making thoughts of conquest, of the planet, or of the planets of our Solar System, or beyond.

There is very little reason to hate these people. Although there is, to hate those who do not tell these stories.

That’s why today I want to lend a hand to the Congolese, and to their neighbors, providing them with a keystone that could finally allow them to impose themselves with the right approach in a world ruled firmly by the Money God. They will be able to prove that they are equal to the white man, become an example for those of their kind and make Great Africa Again (or for the first time, according to a different point of view).

The Congo and its neighboring African nations are very rich in minerals indispensable for the survival of World Technology.

The Congo, besides being rich in uranium in particular, is very rich in a mineral used in the production of condensers: The Coltan.

Blocking production of coltan would bring down the technology of the entire world.

The Millions of dollars deriving from the sale of the Coltan are not a benefit for miners and Congolese people in general but these millions help just to finance the Central African Wars, like those in Rwanda, Chad, Niger, etc.

Without the Congolese coltan the entire Chinese technological industry would be annihilated and consequently that of the white capital-Marxist exploiters who talk of progress and humanitarian factors and then open their factories in China would get real damages.

This is why in some television series, like Mr. Robot, there is a sequence where China obtains United Nations permission to annex the Congo to its People’s Republic.

Today the problem of the Congo, as well as of all of Sub-Saharan Africa, is not the white man but the black man.
If the black man no longer killed the black man in order to let the riches of his continent be exploited to the rest of the world, imagine how things would be different, even for whites.

Mediterranean sea crossings, NGOs, the geopolitics of kikes, and the Chinese monster-economic advance would end.

Is it all the whites fault? Or does the fault fall on the laps of the Marxists hypocritical criminals?
Instead of buying weapons from white men, Africans could buy something else, and make Central Africa, which is already the richest place in the planet for water and vegetation, something truly advanced.

To do this, the whites should leave the Black Continent, and the Blacks should remain in Africa to build their potential good future and fortunes.

Only then will the black man be able to walk on a par with the white man.

The real challenge today is not integration but to transform an immense primitive continent into something more, equal with the rest of the world or western planetary reality.

When the black man will acquire this awareness the white man will also have to deal with it. It is inevitable.

And who will have to deal with this potential future will be the Joint Venture formed by those bastards who finance the hypocritical people that today throw Africans into the sea, the same bastards who finance those who collect them as fish in a dragnet and then inject them in our streets with no idea of ​​what will happen to them or to us.


This is a video about their old generation nuclear power plant near Kinshasa.
Among other things, an episode where at the end of the 90s, two bars of enriched uranium were stolen, one of which ended up in Italy and was found by law enforcement officers, although the other missing bar was never found again.

Having uranium and water in abundance and an adequate technology, Congo and the other neighboring Republics could have clean and truly economic energy for all its inhabitants, instead at the present day they are regions that remain in the dark and devoid of real electricity supplies to the population.

Then there are the videos on Coltan,  enough to get an idea of how much our world and their world are really screwed up:


Don’t be monkeys, don’t be savages, do not be indigenous ravenous people…

but if you feel superior then…

Block the Planet !